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DJ Eric's models walk out. Lisa Kline claims that his line has a "mass appeal." I hope not. I don't want to think that the majority of women out there are looking at his outfits and thinking "I WANT IT!" DSquared2 say that while Galina "guided" DJ Eric, the line ultimately reflects his ideas and concepts. DJ Eric's ruffle dress gets praise from DSquared2 and Lisa Kline, who says it would "sell all day" at her store. Next up is DJ Eric's stupid lipstick pocket dress, which DSquared2 call "cute" but not their favorite piece. Lisa Kline, on the other hand, says having pockets in a dress is a great idea because she hates having to bring her pocketbook to clubs. Um, Lisa Kline, aren't you like 50? Stop going to clubs. Everyone else is making fun of you behind your back. And then, the evening gown. Stefani thinks it's worth doing the ab exercises necessary to wear it. DSquared2 say it would turn heads in a club. Well, so would walking into a club covered in dog shit. Or a dress with pockets full of lipstick, probably. As for DJ Eric's re-do outfits, he did a completely new distressed dress because the original one just wasn't tight enough. He also got rid of that religious services trench coat and replaced it with a poncho-style jacket that better matches the skirt.

Kathy is the last to go. DSquared2 say they can see Kathy's jewelry designer roots in her "jewel-toned" outfits. Stefani calls it "very smart," while sounding like she totally hates it. Kathy shows off the ruffle dress first. I can't see any ruffles in it because the red is so bright and my TV so crappy that it kind of all blends together on the screen for me. DSquared2 like it, as does Stefani, who calls it a "knockout." She's said that about like eight outfits so far, though. She also calls it an "homage" to Valentino. Hush your mouth, Stefani! We all know that only Roberto can do a proper homage to Valentino. She also says it's "the perfect length," as Emil does his best not to say "Ha ha, fuck you, Kathy!" The pocket dress is shown next, and Kathy gives the credit for the hidden pockets to "Jim's genius." "That's called partnership!" DSquared2 say. What isn't called partnership is leaving someone high and dry for five and a half hours because of fake car trouble. That's called "being a douche." Kathy's evening gown is the "backwards kimono" style she was going on about last week. I thought it would be terrible, but again, it looks great. DSquared2 like it and the way Kathy was able to use it to better integrate the tentacle dress into her line. As for the re-dos, Kathy removed the tentacles from the tentacle dress and replaced the red lining and belt with bronze. With that, the contestants are dismissed so the judges can talk.

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