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The teams arrive at the studio. They have quite a bit of time this round with 55 hours, so they have no problem wasting it by discussing L. Marilyn and Coco, complete with a flashback to Coco being her awful, passive-aggressive, sabotaging bitch self just in case we forgot that L. Marilyn deserved so much better and that none of what happened last week was her fault. Team Dandy focus on Merle's "kangaroo dress" and how horrible it was. Absolutely delighted, Roberto interviews that "that is one of the ugliest fashion mistakes that anybody on fashion TV will ever see." That's an exaggeration, but considering all the shit Merle talks about everyone else, it's deserved. Louanna finally discovers an envelope addressed to the "designers." There's a razor in front of it. It's time for the Suicide Challenge! It's the Season Finale! Hooray! Actually, it's a note from DSquared2, who couldn't be bothered to show up this morning. To their own show. That they host. Um. Instead, they order the designers to grab three yards of one of their fabrics and get in a van for a field trip. I don't know about you, but if creepy guys like DSquared2 told me to get in a van with no certain destination, I would not. Stranger danger.

The van brings the contestants to Citizens of Humanity, where we see how jeans are made. Basically, they make them and then they destroy them. I don't get it either, but I still buy them and pay way too much besides. The contestants meet Lisa Kline in a nicer area of the factory. She says DSquared2 are "busy working" today. Working? Um, excuse me but I thought this was their job. You don't see me ditching out on this weecap because I have to do a recap for House, do you? No. Hell, I recapped Survivoron goddamn Christmas. And I'm weecapping this show in the early hours of the morning because my stupid Tivo recorded the Steven Seagal reality show instead of the first showing of this, so I had to wait for it to come on again at midnight. So the least DSquared2 could do is show the hell up. Anyway, Lisa Kline says this is "the premiere denim distressing house of Los Angeles." I think it's also the premiere place that needs to have a title, however specific. Merle informs us that she hates denim. "Denim is for farmers," she explains. How old is Merle, anyway? Even my grandma accepts that jeans are fashionable everyday wear. Kathy, on the other hand, loves jeans because she's cool. Even though she burns sage in closed spaces.

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