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Down in Flames

Lisa Kline tells the contestants that they'll be using distressed fabrics in their design this week. Both the Dandy and Louanna wonder how they'll be able to distress the fabrics they brought with them. In walks the CEO of Citizens of Humanity to give them some advice. Hey, Citizens of Humanity CEO -- I've got a question for you! Why don't you make jeans for short people? Because I really can't justify spending $150 on a pair of your jeans that's 3 inches too long for me. I'm really sick of wearing away the back cuff of all my jeans because you people can't make petite sizes. Fix this! CEO takes them around the distressing factory to show them various techniques, but his heavy French accent makes him impossible for the contestants to understand. With that, they head into another room where they'll get to distress the fabrics they brought. Merle pats herself on the back for being lucky enough to bring a heavy fabric that lends itself well to the distressing process, which for her is basically fraying the edges. Louanna decides to do some pleating on her fabric. So she irons it. DJ Eric is totally lost without Galina there to tell him what to do, so he takes a blowtorch to his fabric. Uh oh! There's some drama when Louanna looks up to see Kathy ironing her fabric -- just like Louanna was doing to hers! THAT BITCH! How dare she steal Louanna's idea of ironing! Louanna interviews that she "had to put a stop to that" and "no pleating for you." And then she... does nothing. What the hell. I was hoping for an iron in Kathy's face, the way Louanna was talking.

The Dandy takes his own turn with the blowtorch and burns a bunch of holes in his fabric. Some more drama doesn't happen when he accidentally knocks the propane tank onto the floor and... nothing happens. This is going to be a long episode, you guys. Since the contestants can't be trusted to distress their own fabrics, they return to the studio. With 45 hours remaining (they spent TEN HOURS burning silk charmeuse at Citizens of Humanity?? Maybe the traffic was really bad), they explain the challenge to their experts and show off the distressing work they did. Lisa Kline walks in to explain why there was a razor blade on the table: it, along with various other tools as well as a rock, can be used to distress the contestants' fabrics even more if necessary. With that, it's time to say what they'll be using as their inspiration. Lisa Kline claims this will be a "big" announcement. Bigger than The Lady Gaga??? This is not possible!

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