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For the DVR-fooling interstitial segment, we learn a little bit about Thai's high school days. He joined the track and field team just to get the uniform. He tries to explain what made his school's track uniforms so desirable, but he can't, because track uniforms are really never very attractive. Meanwhile, I joined my high school's golf team so my extra curriculars would look good for college. Tragically, my team then went undefeated for all four years of high school and won state championships and stuff, so I ended up having to put in effort and learn how to play golf so I wouldn't be the asshole who ruined everything. So here is a tip from me to you: if you're only joining a sports team so you'll look well-rounded on your college applications, make sure it's not one of the best teams in the country. Because then you'll be trapped. Also, our uniforms were even uglier than the track team's.

Back from the break, we return to Kathy and Emil's non-drama. Kathy voiceovers something about feeling like she's in the middle of a horror film. And then, as quickly as it began, the non-drama ends with Emil agreeing with Kathy's suggestion about putting the blue fabric in the belt and apologizing for being short with her. Well, that was a big nothing. Certainly not worth going to commercial for. This is like when Nancy Drew books used to have to end every chapter on a suspenseful note so she'd be about to get killed by a falling bookcase, only to easily step out of the way as soon as the next chapter began. It was disappointing when I was 10, and it's disappointing now.

Merle takes some time to hate on Team Dandy's dress, saying she doesn't think a woman would be caught dead in it because it's "very sexual." "You look like you're looking for BLEEP," she says. Wait, what? What did she say that got bleeped? "Looking for a fuck?" "Looking for a place to take a shit?" "Looking for your head up your own ass?" What a mystery! But Merle's not the only one talking BLEEP -- Louanna runs over to Kathy to talk about how ugly the jacket Merle is making is, and how it scares her that she's supposed to be the inspiration for it. Meanwhile, doesn't she have some jeans to sew? Shouldn't that scare her? Priorities, people! Louanna interviews that Merle's color line is boring and she'd never wear the jacket they designed. Kind of like how their model will never wear the jeans they designed, because there's no way they'll be finished in time.

At DJ Eric's station, I see Galina has chosen yet another ugly fabric. Merle says it looks just as cheap as everything else they've made. Over at Team Dandy, Roberto is having trouble figuring out how the fabrics on their dress should fall. He says he's too tired to concentrate. So they all leave for the night.

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