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The contestants go off to meet their animals and learn more about them from the handlers. Krazy Kevin tells us that his llama was named Bob. "Big Money Bob," he then says, although it's not clear if that's the llama's proper name or if Kevin gave him that nickname. Big Money Bob inspires Kevin to put a "long L" on the back of his design. Well, that already sounds terrible. Meanwhile, the Dandy has to come within 20 feet of his python. It doesn't help that the python handler is seriously creepy. Merle attempts to draw a tortoise in her sketchbook. It's a terrible drawing, but I'm sure something fantastic will come from it.

The expert-contestant teams get to work. Lady Jumpsuit explains that her design will be "like a romper shorts jumpsuit." Hideous! Merle insists on calling her tortoise a turtle, which it is not. The tortoise will be very insulted by this. Louanna is doing a "safari jumpsuit." Awesome! It's going to be the battle of the jumpsuits, and Louanna is going to win! Over at Team Dandy, Dandy tells Roberto about how he plans to incorporate the snake in his design. He says snakes make him think of green, so his outfit will be green. Even though the python was brown. Because there was no fighting at Team Dandy, we go to L. Marilyn and Coco to see if we can find some drama there. Coco has structural issues with L. Marilyn's design and thinks it needs a sleeve. Dun dun dunnnn! Oh, but L. Marilyn seems to agree and likes what Coco came up with.

Meanwhile, Kathy doesn't have any zebra fabric, so she's going with the African-ness of the zebra as her inspiration. They have what she calls a "tribal Africa fabric" that doesn't look like anything of the sort. Kevin says his outfit will be gray because the llama was gray. Even though it was brown. While his expert Akiko tries to work, he shoves some fabric in her face and makes a big deal about it while she looks like she's trying to hold herself back from killing him. Akiko interviews diplomatically that Kevin is trying to do too much with his design, and she's just going to take over and get it done herself.

DSquared2 run in to open the trim room, saying that they've put animal-inspired fabrics in there but the contestants don't have to use them because they don't want to see a literal interpretation of their animal inspiration like Kathy and her jellyfish kimono last week. The contestants run in and assault each other in their zeal to get what they need in the ten minute time limit. Kevin says "girls was turning into vigilantes," showing that he doesn't know what a vigilante is or that the female contestants are actually women. Meanwhile, the vigilante girls manage to carry huge rolls of fabrics out of the trim room, but he falls on his ass when he tries to do the same.

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