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And then there's just 1 hour to go. The models go into the Product Placement salon to get their hair did. Then they head back out for more fitting, and Dandy complains that all the removing of the fabric has created almost a bathing suit for his model and it's not his vision anymore. Merle interviews that it was "hideous" and scary. Meanwhile, Coco is having trouble getting everything sewed together in time because of her perfectionism. And the fact that she's really freaking difficult to work with. L. Marilyn interviews that it won't matter how perfect the outfit is if they don't finish it in time.

Fashion show time! Team Dandy's outfit is first and yes, it is pretty skimpy. The boa covers up more than the outfit. But at least it's not a dress! Dandy sighs that his model looks like a prostitute. Merle's outfit is next, and there's some kind of zipper thing that makes the top part convert into... uh... a top with a zipper, I guess. Lady Jumpsuit is next. She thinks her outfit is awesome, but the judges look horrified. I honestly don't think it's that bad. Definitely the best thing she's done so far. Kevin's outfit is a jumpsuit that is really ugly. I've never seen something fit so badly. It's giving the model a visible wedgie. Oh, and it has a stupid L sewn on the back. Backwards.

DJ Eric's outfit is a halter-top with pants and a peacock feather necklace. He continues to believe that he has anything to do with his design. L. Marilyn's outfit is next, and it's fine, but nothing special. Maybe I just don't like one-piece outfits? L. Marilyn says she loved her outfit and the way the model showed it off, but not that they were so close to the deadline getting it out there. Kathy's outfit looks nice. It's baggy in the right places, although I'm not thrilled with the zebra belt. Louanna's jumpsuit looks nice for a jumpsuit. I really like the belt she made, if not how high up on the model it is. And I really don't like the tied-off Capri pants. Louanna says that Lisa Kline didn't seem pleased with her outfit. She shouldn't worry, though, since Lisa Kline's had that sour lemon face for the entire show. The models come out one more time so we can see how bad everyone's designs were this week. No more one-pieces and 24-hour time windows, please.

DSquared2 get the teams together and claim that some people made "beautiful" outfits while others did not. Merle, DJ Eric and Louanna are called out first for being in the middle of the pack. They're safe this week and go backstage. Dandy's model comes out first, and DSquared2 ask him what the first thing that comes to mind is when he thinks of a snake. "Green," Dandy says. DSquared2 says they think of things that are long and skinny. Well, they would, wouldn't they? They are obsessed with skinny. They say they would have liked to see Dandy do a design that "snaked" its way up the model's entire body. Even her giant ass and hips? I don't think there's enough material in the world to do that! Lisa Kline asks Dandy who would buy this. "A young market," Dandy says. Lisa Kline says the back look unfinished (and it does. Because it is). Stefani asks Dandy how well he's working with Roberto. Dandy says they were like oil and water, but now they're "a vinaigrette." You have to love how Dandy puts the best possible spin on total disasters.

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