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The teams get to work. Architect says he's designing a pencil skirt, because he thinks every woman looks good in it. Unless, you know, she's into climbing ladders or riding bikes. Not so much then. Louanna's expert seems to do all the work while she stands around judging him. Roberto wears strange, huge old-man sunglasses in an interview where he says he's trying to teach Patrick as much about the designing craft as possible so he won't be a poseur. Um, Roberto? He's on a reality show. So are you. So you're both poseurs. And loseurs. L. Marilyn is designing something for "the average woman." Because that's what I look for in clothes: whatever makes me look average. Fortunately for L. Marilyn, her expert Coco is hilarious. When L. Marilyn gets bent out of shape that their businesswoman signature dress doesn't have a "wowness" like the yellow dress Kathy is designing, Coco just says innocently, "Is your businesswoman wearing a long yellow gown to work?"

Later, DSquared2 stop by to check out everyone's progress. Merle and Thai are first. Merle's idea for a fashion line appears to be inspired by Transformers, as she explains that she has a skirt that somehow becomes a scarf and a peplum that becomes a vest. DSquared2 head over to Team Dandy to stir up trouble, asking Patrick what he would change about Roberto. Patrick says Roberto is messy. Roberto throws a hissy fit and tosses a bunch of fabric on the floor and tells Patrick to do the rest of the work. "My spirit was getting very offended," Roberto tells us. More like his spirit wanted camera time. Roberto says he can be dramatic because he was "born on a volcano." I was born on a hospital bed -- does that also allow me a free pass on acting like a twat?

For the DVR-tricking interstitial, Kathy decides to annoy everyone by burning sage.

DSquared2 head for Dan's table next. God is he boring. And really far behind compared to the rest of the teams, possibly due to his decision to make a jacket, which is one of the more complicated garments. DSquared2 know that's a disaster and run over to L. Marilyn to create another one, mentioning that her dress is boring compared to other designers' dresses. L. Marilyn agrees and blames Coco for all of that. Awesomely, we get a quick flashback to Coco's line about wearing a long yellow gown to work. L. Marilyn decides to change everything and go with a different design, even though it doesn't fit with her business dress concept. L. Marilyn thinks looking good on the runway is more important. Coco counts to ten in her head and says she's too tired for this. L. Marilyn dismisses her. Coco is awesome.

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