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The next morning, there are 5 and a half hours left and all the teams still have a lot of work to do. L. Marilyn and Coco walk in holding hands, and L. Marilyn diplomatically interviews that she "has to understand the capabilities of [her] expert." She continues that her dress is designed to be something you'd wear to a formal dinner at "the new White House." Wait, there's a new White House? What happened to the old one? Or does she mean the current White House which was built after the British burned down the old one in the War of 1812? Because I don't think that one is considered new anymore. Maybe L. Marilyn hopped in The Lady Gaga's time machine yesterday when The Lady Gaga was stuck in the Trim Room looking for the worst possible fabric for everyone and thinks she's still stuck in 1817?

Meanwhile, Kathy has to do a lot of braiding for her dress. Thanks for giving us another two seconds, Kathy! On to DJ Eric! He loves his dress and thinks it's amazing, even though it probably sucks. Galina doesn't like it at all, and says so. The models walk in, and DJ Eric's model sucks up and says she loves the dress, so now DJ Eric is even more confident than he was before. Over at Louanna's station, she appears to be designing some kind of eyepatch for her model to wear. Um. Will the pegleg be covered with The Lady Gaga's red vinyl, or are they saving that for the parrot on the model's shoulder? Ahoy, Louanna!

With one hour left, the models go to the Product Placement salon as the teams scramble to put the finishing touches on their designs. Or in Merle and Thai's case, make fun of everyone else. Merle hates on Team Dandy's dress behind their backs and mutters a prediction that Team Dandy is going home today. The minutes tick down.

Fashion show time! DSquared2 wear their stupid sunglasses onto the runway and greet the modest crowd that is no doubt made up of people on the production staff or those people's roommates. Team Dandy's model is up first. She sassily whips off her sunglasses and shows off the dress. The shade-wrap-peacock-feathers thing came out much better than I thought it would. I think the dress looks great. Like all of Team Dandy's designs, it's not something I would personally wear, but it looks good on the model. Merle's model is wearing a The Lady Gaga-esque coat with prominent shoulders and a dress underneath. L. Marilyn's dress doesn't blow me away. It's fine, but nothing special. L. Marilyn says she's designing for the "average American woman." Who gets invited to formal dinners at the New White House. I do like the way she had a bead/jewel design sewn into her dress to match the jewels that were on the sides of her sunglasses. DJ Eric's design is a tiny dress that no one could actually wear, let alone dance in a club in, without exposing herself. But I like the fabric he used much more than what Galina's chosen for him in the past. And then, Louanna. Wow, she really did give her model an eyepatch. That's awesome. Kathy's model comes out last, and despite the fact that I thought the material she used was ugly, when it's all sewn into a dress and put on a model, I like it. The top of the dress is made entirely out of braided fabric, which looks really cool, although I doubt it's the most comfortable thing to actually wear.

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