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The teams walk out and prepare to be judged. Kathy is called out as the safe person this round. I thought she should have been in the top two. But at least she isn't eliminated. As for the other five (including Merle for some reason, even though she has immunity), their designs "screamed" at the judges, as DSquared2 say. "Some screamed gorgeous while others screamed obscenities," DSquared2 quip. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? I'd love to wear something that screamed obscenities. That would be my favorite piece of clothing ever. I want a big FUCK YOU dress.

The Dandy's outfit is called out first. Dandy explains how he came up with his "shade" concept and DSquared2 say they like the dress and all, but they were expecting something really crazy from the Dandy, as his designs have all been very "wild card" thus far. Stefani Greenfield thinks the dress is more "goth" than couture and looks cheap. Lisa Kline calls Dandy out for not using the red vinyl very much even though DSquared2 said they could use it as much OR AS LITTLE as they wanted as long as it was there. Which it was. So shut up, Lisa.

Merle's outfit comes out next. She says she wanted the bolero-style jacket to pop as much as possible against the dress. DSquared2 say they wanted "more drama" from Merle, but praise her for the way she incorporated the red vinyl by making it into a rose for the lapel of the jacket. Yes, that was clever. Also, Merle has immunity, so who really cares about this? She's not going home tonight no matter how much Stefani thinks the extra material in front of the dress looks like it's designed for a pregnant woman.

L. Marilyn explains her outfit and how she incorporated the red vinyl. Oh, it's not good news. She cut out a small circle of it and placed it on the inside of the dress as a "panic button" because this gown is for White House dinners. Okay, first of all, unless it's an actual panic button, leave it out. Second of all, don't design a dress that is specifically just for White House dinners. Third of all, the placement of the "panic button" kind of makes it resemble a period stain, to be perfectly frank. Don't put red blobs near a woman's crotch. I mean, honestly. And fourth of all, that is such a cop-out. The judges think the dress looks hastily-made and the bead/jewel thing I liked is "slapped on." L. Marilyn is quick to place the blame on her expert and admits that they started work on the dress just this morning. Stefani says she loves the dress "from the waist up." I think it's fine, but we've also seen this plunging V-neck design so many times on this show.

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