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After the break, it's time to let one of my favorites go. And it's... not the Dandy! L. Marilyn is gone! Crap! I guess I should have seen it coming, since this episode almost entirely focused on her. She takes the news well. Coco takes it even better, grinning away because her mission to destroy L. Marilyn is now accomplished. Boo hiss Coco! Because L. Marilyn is a freaking SAINT, or at least knows how to look like one on reality TV (a skill Coco lacks), she actually singles Coco out for thanks. Yeah, thanks, Coco, for the SABOTAGE. How does L. Marilyn get dropped but the freaking eye patch was in the top two?? So unfair. L. Marilyn promises us that her business line for the "real woman" will be launched. I have no doubt that whatever she puts her mind to, she can do.

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