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Rook, Line and Sinker

Because up on the stand next is TARU tech Morales, who testifies as to how he enhanced the picture of Rook entering the library. Rook calls it "manipulating," and puts up a huge print of the original picture, which is a wide shot of the library steps. And the pre-enhancement individual identified as Rook shows a figure whose face is entirely shaded. "It could be me, or it could be juror number four," he says, pointing and smiling at the jury. "It's not me," says the juror, practically blushing like the cute girl in class just winked at him. "Me either," says Rook, who then asks Morales how the computer enhancement works, and Morales starts in with the algorithms and whatnot, and Rook simplifies it down to guesses, and says guesses aren't the truth.

That night, Huang brings coffee to Casey, who's lamenting how good Rook would be if he had a law degree. "He's manipulative. He gets off on making people do things they don't want to do," says Huang. Casey reminisces about her school days where some jerk Dougie got kids to eat rabbit turds by pretending they were raisins. Not coincidentally, he now sells used cars. Huang suggests looking into Rook's childhood to try to explain his pathology. How about looking for actual hard evidence? Did you think of that?

Rook's now on the stand testifying, and fortunately not asking himself questions and answering questions in two distinct voices. He says he's never been in trouble with the law and spends his days working on technology to make people's lives better. Casey asks if he's ever been arrested, and Rook says no, and Casey whips out a forty-year-old newspaper article completely with picture of a young Merritt Rook arrested for arson after burning down a house. Fortunately this backwater little rag has the time and money to go back into its archives and scan all its articles and photographs just in case anybody needs to Google them. The judge rules it admissible over Rook's objections, and Casey points out that he just lied to the jury. Rook spins a story about older boys doing drugs in this old house, and raping a young girl, so he burned down their house. He says he didn't go to the cops over what was going on, because the son of the chief was the ringleader. "You can check," he says, because the guy is now in prison for raping three women. "I had to stop them; I didn't know what to do."

Casey stands there and furrows her brow at Rook for about five hours. I hope the court stenographer got it all.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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