Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Rook, Line and Sinker

But the preposterousness is not over: Elliot handcuffs Rook, then goes to free Olivia (the door's not actually wired), who says Rook told her he had a bomb he was going to detonate in Grand Central.

And as the detectives walk Rook to the car, he asks to tie his shoe. For some reason, Elliot says OK, which is when Rook uses an iTrigger to blow up Tone Down Records, sending the three of them flying through the air. Of course, the mid-50s Rook is up quicker than the cops and off running down the street, and ducks into some bushes, and the detectives lose him by the riverside. "He went into that water cuffed. He's dead," she says, as they stand by the completely undisturbed water from which we heard no splash.

Case closed, I guess. Nice work, detectives. Try to look shocked when Merritt Rook returns during sweeps.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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