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Olivia, over at the crime lab, finds out that the blood in the bedroom belonged to Dan, not Rachel, which corroborates his story a little bit more, and gives Olivia hope Rachel hasn't been hurt. Then she gets a text message from Cragen on her cellphone, as if Cragen wouldn't just call her, telling her to turn on the teleivison.

On screen is Mr. McGarrett at a live press conference, lambasting the "incompetent detectives" who let the rapist go, and offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading to Rachel's safe return. He gives out SVU's tip line number, but he didn't have to, as the psychics at the NBC affiliate broadcasting the press conference already have it up in a graphic on the screen.

Requisite scene of the unit's phones ringing off the hook, with all of the detectives getting a line each to complain about the useless tips offered only in hopes of claiming the reward. If you've seen Law & Order before, you've seen this already. Hell, you saw it last week, courtesy of Sgt. Munch, who is nowhere to be found this week. And you also know that the scene will end with one of the detectives getting a piece of legit information.

In this case, it's Chester, who is yelling across the room and has his tipster on speakerphone, which I'm sure is appreciated by everyone else trying to work. As Cragen and Olivia crowd around the phone, Rachel's friend Ginger says, "I think Rachel's in another universe." Well, we can certainly see why Chester thinks this is a good lead.

We head over to Ginger Maxon's loft, and we learn that she didn't say "another universe," but "Another Youniverse," which is TOTALLY NOT SECOND LIFE OR ANYTHING but is some sort of virtual online world. Ginger displays an amazing lack of embarrassment she shows them her avatar "Tawny Coppercuffs" strolling around the fake-o virtual world with a little whip. She says she and Rachel met at art school and got into the game then. "You can do anything you want in AY, just like in the real world," she chirps. Because as we all know the appeal of these games is they're just like the real world.

"Tawny" fortunately has some weird AY highlights reel of fake video clips of her supposedly playing this game, going shopping, etc. There's Rachel's avatar, "Vixy Platinum," at Tawny's virtual condo. Chester sweetly points out that those sound like stripper names, and Tawny cheerfully explains she and Rachel use the game to explore their fantasies. They own a couple of virtual sex clubs. Explain to me this "just like the real world" thing to me again, please? Tawny plays some clip of her and Vixy whipping and grinding on some strip-club stage.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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