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Olivia says, "So you can do anything you want, and you and Rachel chose to be prostitutes?" Ginger says it's just a fantasy: sex without fear of STDs or pregnancy. Yes, certainly, by not actually having sex, you're not risking those things. I also quite enjoy that, in this virtual world, the guy who created the avatar currently getting a lapdance from Vixy made himself an older balding guy with glasses. "Someone may have hurt Rachel," says Chester, so Ginger pushes the "go to Vixy's club" button.

Hmmm. Rachel's club is called "Vixy Platinum's Underage Wonderstage." Well, this can't be good. Outside this club, the losers who already have too much free time have made their avatars creepy losers with nothing better to do than mill around a club for child molesters, holding "Where's Vixy?" signs. "There's a whole new world out there just waiting for perverts," grumbles Chester. He's not suggesting sexual predators might be online, is he? Maybe he's just grumpy that it wasn't his grandfather who built this universe and he can't identify exact street locations from the pitch of a nearby stockyard whistle. Ginger explains Vixy usually performs every day at two, but didn't show today. Chester points out Rachel's avatar looks like she's about fourteen years old. "Virtual sex wasn't enough. This perv wanted Rachel for real," says Olivia. To be fair, is virtual sex enough for anyone? Since it's not, you know, actual sex?

Elliot and Olivia visit Eric Wynton, the guy who created Another Youniverse. His office is supposed to look all modern, with a big wall of several different shots of the virtual world, but really just looks like four or five different angles of the same intersection, shuffled all over the place. Elliot and Olivia are looking for info on Vixy's fan club of pervs, which Wynton gives up without even bothering to waste any time by making the detectives get a warrant. A shot of Vixy's club shows all the child-molesting avatars have left, so Wynton offers to bring up a screencap of an earlier time when the avatars were there. This results in a ridiculous "whoosh" sound effect and the avatars materializing on the screen. Olivia asks if Vixy would keep in contact with her fans through instant messaging or email. No, says Wynton: a blog. Which rules out email and IM? Oh-kay... Anyway, the most recent blog entry is called STALKER. Yeah, click on that one, guys. Looks like it might be a clue.

The Another Youniverse street scenes vanish from the wall, which becomes one giant screen of Vixy talking about banning some scumbag from her club, and fearing he's "gone real world." His name is Wit Billions, she says, and Wynton has already determined that Wit Billions (whose avatar is a medieval executioner) was the only one of Vixy's regulars not parading in form of the club. Real name? Tobin Willis.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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