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Bad Blood

Munch and Benson and Stabler and a video tech are reviewing the video, which shows Brawny appearing at the door of the apartment and talking to the host briefly before the door shuts again. "Damn, he doesn't come in," says Benson. Munch, since he's such a conspiracy theory buff, knows more about video analyzing than the tech, and tells him to "enhance section A6," and eventually they concentrate on one little area that is in the corner of the screen which shows the mirror reflection of the hallway in the split second that Seth opens the door to leave the party, and it just so happens that standing there in that brief interval which happened to get reflected in the mirror and which was captured in just the corner of the video frame is -- the second gunman on the grassy knoll! Oops, no -- just Ray Gunther. They decide they'd better talk to Mrs. Brawny again.

Brawny's wife repeats her story: that Brawny came right back down after he went up to the party, but Ray stayed upstairs. Stabler doesn't buy it. "It's insane you have my husband accused of his brother's crime," she says. "Ray has been hell-bent on destroying Brawny his whole life," she explains, and tells them about how Jesse would get depressed after visiting Ray in prison and go on drinking binges. "Jesse's a good man. It's his brother that's poison," she says. Stabler explains the deal with the DNA test -- that it was Brawny's seminal fluid that they found in Seth's mouth. "You're lying," says Mrs. Jesse. "Why do you think Jesse won't give us the blood test?" says Benson. Mrs. Brawny finally admits that Brawny and Ray went up at 1:00 am to complain about the music; Brawny came down -- but then Ray came back and dragged Brawny upstairs again. "Jesse didn't come home until after two," she says, crying.

Benson and Stabler talk to Ray. "It was a joke," he says. "When we'd see that little fag Seth in the gym, I used to rib to Jesse that he was his girlfriend." He says he used to catch Seth's eye, nod over to Jesse and wink, and Seth would blush "like a little schoolgirl." He explains he did the same routine the night of the party. Brawny got mad at Ray's joking about "his girlfriend," tried to punch Ray, and staggered off downstairs. "Then out prances Seth," he says, "I told him, 'Go up on the roof. Jesse will be right up.'" Then Ray went to get Jesse. Benson asks him why he did all this. "Sibling rivalry," says Ray. He pauses. "Our daddy did everything I said he did. Jesse should've been a man and stood up for me at my trial." He insists that he could've gotten five years instead of fifteen. "You got fifteen years because of what you did," says Benson. "Not because of Jesse." Ray takes a drag off his cigarette. "I think it's horrible that my baby brother killed a man -- but he did -- and I had nothing to do with it." "You set it up," says Benson. "I set up a practical joke," says Ray. "Is there a law against that?" He walks off. Dick.

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