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Bad Blood

In the interview room once again, Brawny admits that he'd lied about their father's abuse at Ray's trial: "I tried to forget, but Ray wouldn't let me." He says that he'd visit Ray at Sing Sing and Ray would tell him, "Just you wait, you'll end up here sooner or later, it's your legacy." He starts talking about what happened on the roof. "I don't remember -- I was wasted. All I remember is Ray's voice drawing me up there -- it didn't seem real. Someone was on their knees and my pants were down -- and -- (he starts weeping) I killed him -- I killed him." Abby and Cragen are outside listening to the confession. "I'll go file charges for man one," says Abby. She goes to leave, but Cragen calls her back because Benson and Stabler are asking Brawny about whether Ray was on the roof. "I could hear him laughing at me," says Brawny. "That's because he was there, wasn't he," asks Benson. Brawny says he remembers coming out of a fog and seeing Ray standing in the doorway laughing, and then he looked down and saw what Seth was doing. "And Ray said, 'I told you.'" "What, that you were gay?" asks Stabler. Brawny nods. "I wanted to kill him -- not Seth, Ray! I wanted to kill Ray -- I started lashing out at him, because in my mind, I was hitting Ray. But he just kept laughing, and laughing -- and I had to shut him up. I took his head and started bashing, and I just bashed it and bashed it as hard as I could. Then it was finally quiet -- but it wasn't Ray -- it was Seth." "Where was Ray?" asks Stabler. "He was still in the doorway," says Brawny. "And he said, 'Welcome to the family.'" He continues to weep. "Tell me we can charge Ray," Cragen says to Abby. Abby nods. "Inciting a murder, depraved indifference, acccessory." She is pissed. "With Ray's priors, he'll wind up serving more time than Jesse." "Make sure he does, Abby," says Cragen. Abby gives him a look like, "Watch me kick ass."

Stabler and Benson are walking down the hallway. "You heard him," Stabler is saying to her. "Ray was screwing with his brother's mind his whole life. It had nothing to do with blood -- you know that, right?" Benson just says, "There's something I'm going to need to do," and heads for the door. "Olivia, what good is it going to do you to know?" asks Stabler. Benson doesn't say anything.

Out on a street somewhere, Benson walks up to a building (the Rapist Retirement home?) and looks up at the windows. She takes out the mug shot of the sideburned guy and looks at it, then looks up at an sad-looking old man who is leaning out of an upstairs window -- apparently, the same guy. Benson stares a little while, thinking, then walks over to the car where Stabler is waiting and gets in. "He's not my father," says Benson. "You sure?" asks Stabler. "Positive," she whispers. She looks really depressed.

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