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At the station, Benson is sitting at her desk when Munch sits down and apologizes about the father comment. "I didn't know he was a --" "Rapist," says Benson. "I know." "Ever catch the guy?" asks Munch. Benson says no; ditto about leads. "If you ever want to talk about this --" says Munch. Benson nods, and then Stabler comes up with a lead about Blond Gentleman from the car service: Blond Gentleman is named Steven Hale, which is a blond gentleman-y name if we ever heard one.

And now, a haiku:
Made from cast iron are
The windchimes of suspicion.
Hush! The breeze. Chung-chung!

And so Stabler and Benson arrive outside the home of Steven Hale. Hale comes out the door and -- hey! He's that stuffed shirt from Langdon's office! "What are you doing here?" he asks the detectives. "Your boss had no idea, did he?" says Stabler. "About what you did to his son?" Hale looks freaked out, and just then a kid's voice calls, "Daddy!" and a little boy runs up to him; the boy's mother comes out the door, too. Hale clutches the kid and glares at the detectives again, who just stand there and blink. An oddly lighthearted guitar riff plays on the soundtrack, as if to say, "Why, that wacky homicidal closet-case is a family man too!"

Hale glares out from the interview room window. Munch wonders aloud why a gay man would work for Langdon. "Hale's not exactly open about his sexuality," says Benson. "His wife and kid notice his uncanny ability to accessorize?" "Have you seen him?" asks Benson. "He doesn't accessorize all that well." Hmm-mmm, Miss Olivia Thing, snap-snap! "Maybe he thought that by working for Langdon he'd be cured," says Benson. "I don't know how smart people -- educated people -- think that way," says Stabler. "To think that you can just change the way that someone's wired," adds Benson. "Do you know anyone who would actually choose to be gay?" says Stabler, on a roll. "To risk family rejection, discrimination --" "All that heartache," says Benson. Uh, enough with the PSA, guys; I think you're preaching to the converted. I mean, to the converted who weren't "converted" but who are -- well, you know.

Steven Hale is still fuming at them. "He's been living a lie, and we just happened to catch him at it," says Munch. Everyone decides to have Munch to question Hale. Oh, nice move, guys -- you want your supposedly gay suspect to talk, so you send in the one detective who doesn't have a ton of male fans from Oz.

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