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Bad Blood

Benson is at her desk. Munch comes over and tells her that he looked up her case last night. "The Langdon case?" she asks. "No -- your mother's," he says. Benson gets a little freaked and thanks him but insists she's "on it" -- "I can't tell you how many times I've gone over the reports, listened to the statement -- I've pulled everything there is to pull." Munch hands her a folder: "I don't think this was pullable." Benson opens up the dossier while Munch tells her, "I don't know if this will come to anything, but from what I've heard, he's right for it." Just then Stabler comes up and gives Munch a half-joking half-nelson. "You bothering my partner?" Munch laughs, "No." They look at a clearly bothered Benson. "No." She quickly closes the folder with the information on Mr. Right For It.

Chung-chung! Forensics Lab. The ME (we'll call her ME Not Rogers) says she's still waiting for the official DNA results, but she ran a couple of the "quick test results" through the databank and she got a match. "What's the name?" asks Benson. "This isn't going to hold up in court, mind you," warns ME Not Rogers. She blathers something about "running the PCR and the mitochondrial" until Stabler finally gets her to spit out a name. "Ray Gunther," she says. Benson gets a big "huh?" face while Stabler wonders, "where do I know that name?" Benson realizes that he was a notorious predator from the early eighties. David Lee Roth? No -- some guy known as "the Parkway Rapist." "But they put him away," says Benson. "He's out," guesses Stabler. Well, not out out, but out of jail.

Brief scene in which everyone runs around the office freaking out that Ray Gunther's out of prison. Highlight: we get to see Little Briscoe, and he gets to say "Sing Sing."

Finally, Cap'n Cragen finds out that Gunther was paroled a month ago because he served fifteen years of his twenty-five-to-life sentence. He signed up with the Sex Offender Registry. And now he's picked out a nice Sex Offender china pattern. Oh, never mind. Anyway, the SVU has an address for Ray Gunther. It's in the same building where Seth Langdon was killed. Benson and Stabler go back to the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Brawny, who at first say that no Ray Gunther is staying with them. "This is the address he gave his parole officer," says Stabler. "Any idea why he would've done that?" Mrs. Brawny looks at Brawny Guy. "He's my brother," says Brawny Guy. Later, during the interview at the station, Brawny Guy admits that he legally changed his last name from Gunther. "People gave you a hard time about it?" Stabler guesses. Brawny nods. "Don't let Ray cause you any more trouble than he already has," says Benson. "Just tell us where he is." Brawny says he doesn't know, and shuts his brawny mouth.

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