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Bad Blood

Back in the office, Jeffries and Cassidy tell Munch what they've found in the old L & O Backstory Files: back when Ray Gunther was arrested, he copped a sympathy plea, saying that he and his brother were raped by their dad growing up. "Could explain a few things about Jesse, huh?" says Cassidy. "Except the prosecution put Jesse on the stand," explains Jeffries, "and he said that Ray completely fabricated the story." "So how do we know which one is lying?" wonders Cassidy. Cap'n Cragen and Benson and Stabler come in and join the discussion about the Gunthers' "piss-poor gene pool." "You think Jesse was just born bad?" says Benson. "That's bull," says Stabler. "Destiny isn't predetermined." Everyone opens their mouths and recites whole paragraphs about the nature-vs.-nurture debate from my college psych textbook. Benson stalks off. "Is something wrong?" Stabler asks, following her. What -- could it be that one of our detectives is Taking It Personally? "The only way that Jesse makes sense in all this," says Benson, "is that they're fruit from the same poisoned tree." "You don't really believe that, do you?" says Stabler. Benson just looks at him and walks off.

Law & Order: Original Flavor sends over -- Abby! Kick some butt, Abby! Toss that hair! "I understand your DNA test pulled a little Arkansas two-step," she says to Cap'n Cragen and Stabler. Benson is standing in the back of the room, scribbling something in her notebook -- probably "I hate Abby. She is not all that!" Stabler explains to Abby the snafu with the bloodline test. "Jesse's lawyer is already waving the old A.C.L.U. banner, asking where does it stop -- are we going to test every relative of Ray Gunther's?" "No," says Benson. "Just the one that lives in the victim's building." Abby pretty much ignores her and asks them what else they have beside the DNA. "Only lawyers sandbagging us at every turn." Cap'n Cragen explains that there's the video of Seth at the party, but it's tied up in litigation. "Any way of getting it untied?" asks Abby. Cragen says, "Let me see if I can make an end run of my own," as if acting like a football player would impress Abby or something.

Cap'n Cragen meets Officer Bandolini on a park bench. "I know I'm bending procedure here," says Cragen. "You know we need that tape." "You know what it can do to me," says Bandolini. Cragen nods. Then he tells this long boring story about how Bobby Jones was winning the U.S. Open in 1926 and he accidentally moved the ball and even though nobody saw it he declared the penalty and he lost by a stroke but he never lost sleep over it -- and I guess the moral of this story is: do the right thing, even when you have The Golf Ball That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Cragen swears that he will do everything in his power to protect the tape. Then Bandolini fishes the tape right out of his pocket and gives it to Cragen. "You planned on handing this over all along, didn't you," says Cragen. "Yeah," says Bandolini. "But I enjoyed your golf story." Heh.

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