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At the Stabler (And Cleaner, And Fresher-Smelling) Household, Maureen impatiently pokes keys on the computers and slaps the monitor. Look kid, Wing booted you off the Hissyfit forums and that's that! Stabler comes over. "I can't get on," whines Maureen. "That's because I've put a child lock on there," says Stabler. "My homework's on this computer," complains Maureen as Stabler futzes with a few keys. An "invalid password" message comes up on the screen. "Do you know how to fix this?" Stabler asks his kid, who hits exactly two keys and gets to the desktop screen. "Those child lock things are a joke," she says. "When are you going to start trusting me?" she asks Daddy. Stabler explains that sometimes he brings his work home with him. "Right now, I'm chasing a guy in -- 'cyberspace' who goes after little girls . . . this is about fear. This is not about trust." Maureen nods and half-smiles. "Stop reading my e-mail," she says. "Okay," says Stabler. "I promise. And I'm sorry." He kisses her on the forehead. Aww.

Cragen draws a big X on a floor plan sketched out on a chalkboard. "Benson and Jeffries and I will be here in the storeroom off the main event, taping everything until the bust. Munch, Stabler, you'll be in the banquet room with the guests of honor." Apparently the Yachtsman is throwing a big Pedophile Jamboree, and a special surprise reception with the NYPD immediately afterwards. Fun, fun, fun! Munch wants to know what the line on entrapment is. "You're not advocating any crimes, just getting accounts of crimes that have already occurred," says ADA Red. "What if they claim they're play-acting?" asks Jeffries. ADA Red says that's a risk, so they'll need to get as many names and dates and specific details as possible. "So we can follow up and get additional witnesses," adds Cragen. "The tape itself won't convict anyone." "What do child molesters talk about when they get together?" wonders Munch.

Chung-chung! And so the Anvil of Justice falls on Arabell's Restaurant and Lounge, where the pervert party is being held. Another chilling question is: what do child molesters order from the menu when they get together? Baby-back ribs? Little Debbie snack cakes for dessert? I'm getting creeped out. Anyway, there are three large party tables of men drinking beer and having lively conversation, and Stabler and Munch are among them. It seems that the classic dark blazer is the fashion choice for most pedophiles, and you can bet the coat check has never held so many trench coats at once.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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