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In a boardroom, a bunch of suits are standing around harrumphing instead of sitting around the conference table. A younger suit, carrying a load of documents, comes in, and frantically e-mails (on his MockBerry) some guy named Jeremy. A suit comes over to chew the guy out because his boss isn't here yet, and he's the one responsible for this "dog and pony show."

The assistant lets himself into Jeremy's apartment, only to find out what we already know; he's dead. In bed.

Warner tells the detectives this guy was raped, and asphyxiated. Unsettlingly, his mouth is frozen open in either a laugh or a scream. His knuckles are banged up, which could mean he fought back, and for the mouth to stay open like that, something had to have been wedged open until rigor mortis set in. Also, the body was moved. A gym bag stuffed down a laundry chute carries the victim's name -- Jeremy Haines -- as well as a possible answer to the mouth mystery: A ball gag. Also, satin restraints and chaps. Olivia looks at the assistant and wonders about a potential "play date."

Back at the station, the detectives interview the assistant, who stonewalls but then confesses to finding Jeremy in the ball gag, chaps and restraints, and he pulled it all off and tossed the stuff in the trash. "I didn't want it to get in the papers that he was into kink," he says. The detectives are all, "You mean, you killed him, right?" The assistant denies it, but doesn't know of a boyfriend who might have been into violence and accidentally killed Jeremy. He says Jeremy volunteered at a shelter for homeless gay teens, one of whom beat him up so bad he had to miss work last week.

The guy who runs the place say the kids loved Jeremy, but under the withering questioning from Elliot and Olivia admits a "confused kid," Freddie Ramirez, had a beef with Jeremy.

Over at the Hell's Kitchen gym where Freddie Ramirez works, the manager, Candayce, an eight-foot tall post-op transsexual says she wants to fire Freddie because things are always disappearing from lockers, but she only has suspicions right now, plus the gym members love him. I think she's also making Stabler question a few things about himself. Stabler finds Freddie in the locker room stealing (so I'm not sure why it was so hard for Candayce to prove Freddie has sticky fingers, and Freddie bolts, necessitating a shower-room take-down from Elliot.

At the station, Freddie's alibi is that he and his friends went to a movie. The bruise on his face is from a fight with Jeremy Haines. "Bitch thought he was tough." "So you killed him?" asks Elliot. Freddie either didn't know or is pretending he didn't know Jeremy is dead. "You just admitted to beating the crap out of him," Elliot points out. Freddie says Jeremy boxed to stay in shape, and Freddie convinced him he hasn't fought until he's done it bare-knuckled.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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