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Back at the station, Lincoln says he and Jeremy were going to go public, but it's not like they could just announce their engagement. Because you knew you'd get booted out of football, says Olivia. Lincoln says he wanted one more shot at a championship. The night of the murder, Lincoln went out for dinner with Jeremy, Natasha and his agent. Elliot thinks it's "ballsy" that he went on a date with his boyfriend and girlfriend. Lincoln glares at him, and says Jeremy was tired of the games. Afterwards, Lincoln says, he went with Natasha to some "hot new club" which is so hot that Lincoln can't remember its name. "I drank to much," he says, but he knows he went home with Natasha.

Natasha crabs that "Linc" is a hit-and-run kind of guy who never stays the night. And who never, um, plows the field, apparently, as he always has some sort of excuse, like team curfew or saving his strength. When Natasha says, "If he wants to screw around with boys," Olivia unfortunately takes her literally and says, "Oh, so you knew about him and Jeremy." As realization dawns on Natasha, she says it explains everything. Then she says "fag," calls her friend Sineade and says "homo," and "ass bandit," worries about AIDS, and in general displays the sexual maturity of a seventh grader in 1986. She also grabs her breasts and says, "There's nothing wrong with these girls! Just girls!" Emmy clip! As Olivia and Elliot leave, Natasha suggests they have a chat with Gary Leslie, Lincoln's agent, since her ex-boyfriend is gonna need a new job.

Gary is a minor Hey! It's That Guy Rick Hoffman, currently also on Samantha Who?, so I'm guessing he did it now. He says Natasha called him, in a rampage, but he shut her up by offering her the cover of the next swimsuit issue, and got Sineade on The View. I know that if wanted to keep my client's homosexuality quiet, I'd get one of the few people who knows about it on a national talk show. He's skeptical that Lincoln even is gay, but the detectives say they got it straight from the man himself, and Olivia fesses up to spilling the beans to Natasha. Gary calls that a major mistake, but adds that damage control is his specialty. He also thinks that Lincoln couldn't have killed anybody, because as tough as he is on the field, off the field he's a teddy bear. And I'm more sure he did it, since there's no way this guy didn't know Lincoln was gay, especially since the whole Natasha-beard scenario was concocted by him and Natasha's publicist. And given how much an agent would have to lose if Lincoln lost his job and endorsement contracts.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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