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Casey steps up to request a recess to show some video footage of Lincoln playing football, which she luckily has at the ready now that Lurleen's "opened the door" with her suggestion of anti-football-player bias on Elliot's part.

The videotape is of Lincoln losing his shit on a rookie teammate during practice, after the rookie accidentally jostled Lincoln's arm. Lincoln throws him to the ground, kicks him, and throws his helmet at him. "That is the real Lincoln Haver," says Casey proudly. The verdict? Guilty.

Elliot and Olivia are having beers at a bar, and we learn that Olivia has just broken up with Kurt. So much for Bill Pullman, I guess. Maybe he was just in the neighborhood and asked for a quick cameo. The bartender's all, "Hey, Olivia! Your case is on TV!" Except it's not; it's Gary, announcing his new client, who is Lincoln's replacement (I guess teams let agents do this sort of thing in SVU's world). "Just don't let me catch you making out with your boyfriend in a restaurant bathroom!" he jokes with the guy.

While I would have taken that as just a sad fag joke, Olivia (again) takes it literally, and says Gary told them he didn't know Lincoln was gay until after the murder. "Then how could he have caught him in the bathroom?" asks Elliot, also taking it literally.

In this case, he did mean it literally, and the detectives are now interrogating Gary, who's still saying he found out Lincoln was gay when Natasha called him. At this point, Olivia dumps the murder weapon onto the table, which was found in Gary's apartment and it comes out that Gary saw Lincoln and Jeremy making out in the bathroom. Jeremy saw Gary, but Lincoln didn't, so Gary went to Jeremy's place that night to try to talk some sense into him, but Jeremy told him they were getting married ("getting"?) and that Gary would have to find a new cash cow. "Hell yeah I lost it! The stupid little fairy's ruining everything!" yells Gary. He calms down. "I didn't mean to kill him." It was all Gary. The sex toys, the media leak, everything. He rants about all the work he's done, and the boyfriend was going to take it all away. Blah blah blah diatribe blah blah. I find it very hard to believe that Gary KEPT THE MURDER WEAPON ALL THIS TIME.

So the detectives free Lincoln from prison. He says he confessed because he remembered fighting with Jeremy and thinking he must have done it. He won't be playing football again, though, what with his permanent brain damage. Fortunately, he's been hired to write SVU episodes, so he's got that going for him.

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