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Cut to Benson banging on the door of Harper's new apartment, calling to her and identifying herself. Harper opens the door and is wearing a gray suit and a bobbed hairdo. She's not very receptive to visitors, to say the least: "I don't care what you want. Don't ever come here again." And with that, she shuts the door and our stunned heroes walk off into a commercial break.

We're back in Cragen's office with Benson, the Cap'n and ADA Abby "The People's Girlfriend" Carmichael. Cragen's telling Abby that Beverly Cleary was no help because she remembers her husband sleeping straight through the nights in question. Abby asks if Munch and Cassidy found out anything about T.J. of Mott and Canal fame. Benson tells her that there are five guys named T.J. who hang out there, and they all deal in electronics. (Note to self: When save up enough cash for bigger TV and DVD player, head to TriBeCa and ask for T.J.) Anyway, none of these guys knows anything about Kenneth Cleary. Benson asks about the possibility of a warrant: "We'll search his place, maybe come up with other trophies." Abby bursts her bubble by reminding her that there are no other victims. Benson's sure there are, but the cops just don't know about them. "Exactly," says Abby. "So you don't know what to look for, so I can't get you a warrant." Duh, Benson. Benson's not backing down: "Isn't there some legal way we can compel Harper Anderson to talk? What about outstanding parking tickets or moving violations?" Yeah, a waitress in Manhattan would need, let alone be able to afford, to keep a car. "Olivia!" Cragen yells in a tone that implies he's about to take away her playground privileges. Abby very firmly lets her position be known: "I'm not going to rape her a second time, Detective." Benson says that's not what she meant. Abby lays it out for them: "As it stands right now, we have no forensics on either rape, and as far as the state's concerned, Jane Tyler's rape never even happened." Cragen mentions the ring. Abby says he's got no priors and a great lawyer who will plead out the possession charge. Benson's still determined and imploringly addresses Abby, "Six months ago, Harper Anderson told me that she could absolutely ID her rapist. Now she won't even talk to us." Abby, Queen Ass-Kicker, tells Benson, "Then you'll have to use your own powers of persuasion, Detective, because I can't help you." Benson looks all pissed that she can't hold her own on her own show. Abby apologizes to them both and leaves. Cragen, whose eyebrows are up with the Hubble Telescope, sits next to Benson and tells her that Stabler is trying to dig up anything he can on Cleary while Munch stalls in the interrogation room with the lawyer. He instructs her to get a picture of Cleary in a photo array and take it to Harper. He also tells her to take Cassidy with her, and then as she's going reminds her that it's almost midnight and they'll have to let Cleary go soon.

In the interrogation room, Cleary is telling Munch that "aggressive accounting" isn't illegal, and goes into some spiel about what he can do for Munch. Somewhere in Chicago, Wendola screams at the thought of another financial subplot. Fear not, dear readers -- Detective Elliot Stabler busts in with some papers to save the day! "You're a Cancer, not a Leo," says he. Cleary recovers pretty quickly for a man in his situation: "All right, it was a nickname." "For whom?" asks Stabler. Cleary's lawyer advises his client that he doesn't have to answer that. Cleary says it's his grandfather. Stabler looks at the report and says, "No, his name's Percy." Cleary's all, "Wouldn't you prefer that to Percy?" Um, hell no. Cleary starts his Munch money crap again, but Stabler gets down in his face to ask him, "You get to TriBeCa a lot?" Attorney: "You don't have to answer that!" Stabler turns so he's now in the lawyer's face and asks what questions Cleary does have to answer. Matters of public record, according to the attorney. He then demands to know what his client is being charged with. Munch tells Stabler, "You don't have to answer that." Stabler and I both laugh.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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