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Benson and Cassidy are back at Harper's apartment. Benson's banging on the door, saying they really need to talk to Harper, and that they'll stay there all night if they have to. Cassidy gets philosophical: "I almost prefer homicides to rapes." Benson commiserates, "Yeah, you don't have the relentless pain of the victim." Cassidy says it's "awful," and Benson bangs on the door again, yelling to that she (Benson) is just as stubborn as Harper. We hear many locks turn. Harper opens the door and yells, "FINE!" like a petulant teenager. Benson walks in and tells her, "We picked up a guy who raped a woman almost exactly the same way you were raped. Only this time he wore a mask, so she couldn't ID him." Harper's getting agitated as Cassidy tells her they just need her to look at the picture and see if it's her rapist. She shrieks, "I don't ever want to see him again!" Benson tries to calm her as Cassidy asks, "What about he other woman that he raped?" Harper doesn't care! Benson goes the guilt route. "You are the only eyewitness we have on this guy. Other women -- and there are other women -- either haven't come forward or haven't been able to ID him." Cassidy says that without her, they don't have a case. Harper wonders what good that's supposed to do her. Cassidy spells it out for her: "Well, we could put him away, for starters." Like, duh, Harper. Harper goes ballistic. "Is that gonna change anything for me? Is that supposed to give me some sort of CLOSURE? Because I've already made peace with what's happened to me. I already did the one-on-one therapy, the yoga, I cut my hair, I lit a candle, and guess what? I'm over it!" She walks away and Benson quietly says to Cassidy, "What a mess." Cassidy's no dummy and he's not giving up, so he not-so-quietly says to Benson, "I don't know. Maybe he's not the guy who did her." "DID ME? The guy who DID me?" Harper's back in a flash! "He RAPED me, you ass!" "Then why don't you do something about it?" is the challenge from Benson. Harper says she did everything she was supposed to, and Benson says she's obviously still not fine. Harper asks what the hell it is to Benson if she's okay or not. "Because closure is a myth," says Benson. "I've heard survivors -- " "That 'survivor' stuff? It's CRAP!" Harper interrupts. Benson is undeterred. "I've heard them say this is something you never get over." Harper insists she has gotten over it. Benson isn't having it: "You think you're back to normal? Then tell me, when was the last time you slept in your bed without wearing running shoes?" Harper just looks at her, stunned. Benson's turn to wax philosophical: "The truth is, everybody changes every day. And some things are more devastating than others. But we are never the same. And there are two ways to deal with these changes: you either accept them, or you fight them like hell all the way." Harper's eyes are welling up as Benson continues, "Now, please. Come back with us to the station and just take a look at this guy. It's gonna help you more than you know." Harper doesn't want any more help. Benson says to do it for the cops, then, and promises that she'll be with Harper the whole time. Harper takes a deep breath, nods, and says okay. The big tear finally falls. Okay, that scene wiped me out. Both of the actresses kicked ass on that dialogue.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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