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Cellos bring us to the line-up room, and five sandy-haired guys in their thirties walk in. Kenneth Cleary, smug as all get-out, is Number Four. Cragen asks them each to say, "Is this how you like it?" The camera closes in on Cleary's mouth when it's his turn, and he's SO DAMN CREEPY when he says it! Benson is watching Harper intently, like she's sending telepathic messages or something. I guess it didn't work, because Harper just shakes her head. Benson asks if she's sure. Harper's positive he's not there.

Back in the squad room, Benson leads Harper to her desk and they sit down. Harper's hugging her stomach and rocking back and forth. Benson opens a drawer and tells Harper she has something to show her. A very relieved Harper says, "I am so happy he wasn't in there," but stops rocking when Benson holds up the ring. Her eyes get really big and she asks Benson where she got the ring. "From a man you couldn't identify." With an incredibly pained expression, Harper asks, "He was in there?" Benson says she thought so. Harper's face just crumples as she starts to sob. "I always thought that I would recognize the man who did this to me. My mother died a horrible, long death, and I always thought that because of that, you know, that nothing else bad could ever happen to me." She sobs loudly. Benson hugs her and we see that she too is starting to cry. Fade to credits.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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