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Outside the interrogation room, Stabler is reading Ron Johnson's rap sheet, which "reads like a how-to on robberies, from five-finger discounts to B&Es." "Which escalated to rape," Cragen says. Stabler thinks this happened because of boredom and opportunity. Benson says Johnson fits the description of Harper's attacker (he totally does not; he's towheaded, not sandy-haired), and Harper is on her way to the station to make a positive ID.

Now we're inside the interrogation room, where Benson is at the table with Johnson, and Stabler is back by the window. Johnson got up around eleven and then "had a bowl of cereal, took a shower, then, you know, kind of walked around." Stabler: "Where'd you 'kinda' walk around?" Johnson: "You know. Around." Then he "hung out." Ah, sounds like the life of an MBTV staff member. Well, except for the showering part. ["And the 'walking around' part." -- Sars] Benson asks what he did last night. Johnson wants to know what the big deal is. Stabler walks over, sits on the table, and tells him, "The big deal is that last night, a guy who looks an awful lot like you --" "-- who also had nothing better to do," interrupts Benson, "broke into a woman's apartment and raped her." Johnson bugs out and insists he didn't rape anybody, even if he was using her credit cards. He's done a lot of things, but never that. Stabler just stares at him, like he does so well, and Johnson admits that he was in a holding cell last night. Stabler stands up and almost laughs at this. Johnson was being held for jumping a subway turnstile and didn't get out until 1 AM. He found Harper's wallet in a garbage can on the corner of Moore Street. It was "picked clean" of cash. He admits that he took the wallet, but insists that he "never, NEVER raped anyone."

Cragen and Benson are over at Stabler's desk, where he's on the computer reading the latest recaps at MBTV and preparing to post about how fabulous I am. Benson is holding a two-page document and smiling, saying, "His arraignment's not here." Cragen looks at his watch and asks what time she got the printout. "5:30; why?" "Because they update the records every day at 6 PM." Stabler logs out of the MBTV forums and his computer beeps, so he points at the monitor and says, "There it is." Benson throws the paper over her shoulder in exasperation and says, "Damn. That was the best lead we had." Stabler's equally frustrated: "No DNA, no fingerprints; that was the ONLY lead we had." Cragen goes back into his office; Stabler very wearily says they're looking at a dead case. Off-camera, Harper calls Benson's name. Benson turns and sees her, and goes to talk to her. Harper's anxious, tapping her fists together, and wearing a hideous coat. She looks around and asks, "Where is he?" Benson says they don't have him. She apologizes for being wrong. Harper does more of that loud exhaling and is visibly disappointed. Benson tells her that they changed the locks on Harper's apartment, and hands her the new keys. Harper, stunned, says, "So he's still out there." Benson, looking very ashamed of herself, just nods.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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