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The next morning, Stabler and Benson are walking up the front steps of a swanky townhouse. Benson rings the doorbell and a nicely dressed brunette in her thirties answers the door with a big smile and "Hello?" Benson flashes her badge and tells the lady they're looking for Kenneth Cleary. Mrs. Cleary -- because I can, I'll say her name is Beverly -- calls to Kenneth. He comes to the door, dressed in a nice suit and tie, with a little blond boy. As expected, Kenneth is tallish, in his thirties, with sandy hair. As Stabler introduces himself and his partner, Benson interrupts, "Elliot. Her ring." Beverly Cleary looks at her platinum ring, and then to her husband, who just looks smarmy and guilty.

In the interrogation room, Cleary is saying that he's a klutz, that he stepped off the curb and his ankle just gave way. I know that sounds like a flimsy excuse -- and in this case it is -- but it's actually happened to me. Twice. Sober, even. You want embarrassing? Explain your crutches and air cast with that. Stabler asks Cleary what he was doing on Leonard Street at 2:45 AM. Cleary says he was "clearing [his] head. [He's] got a couple of accounts that are wearing [him] down." Benson points out that Leonard is eighteen blocks from where Cleary lives. Cleary states that they're really big accounts. Mama Bear shrieks, "He is such a wimp! I can't believe he's MARRIED!" I bust a gut but contain my laughter in time to hear Stabler ask Cleary if he tried to clear his head in Jane Tyler's apartment. Cleary's all, "I'm sorry -- who?" Stabler very casually explains, "Beautiful woman; blonde. Six months ago you did someone else?" Cleary looks up at Benson and lets out a snotty, "Oh, please." Benson leans in real quick and sniffs Cleary, and he flinches. Hee! She asks what kind of cologne he uses. He doesn't know, he just wears whatever his wife buys him and doesn't know the names. What a knob. Benson asks where he bought the ring, and Stabler leans in for Story Time With Uncle Pervert. This should be good. Cleary looks from one to the other of his interrogators and says he should wait for his lawyer for that one. Benson tells him to spill it because his lawyer's on the way. With really badly faked embarrassment, Cleary says, "I probably shouldn't say. I knew it was probably hot, but I bought a Rolex from that guy before, so . . ." Benson asks about his watch. Cleary says it's been in the family for years. Benson politely asks to see it. He reluctantly gives it to her and she examines it. She asks who Leo is, and he quickly answers that it's his astrological sign. Benson pretends to accept this and hands the watch to Stabler, who asks Cleary who his "jeweler" is. Cleary says it's a black guy named T.J. who sometimes hangs out between Mott and Canal. Stabler gets that "gotcha!" grin on his face as he says, "Canal and Mott intersect. You can't BE in between Canal and Mott." Cleary just makes like a goldfish at this. Stabler throws down the gauntlet: "Tell you what. Why don't you just diagram it out for us, where this 'T.J.' is." Cleary very nervously makes with the map drawing.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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