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Chester Needs A New Hobby

When they arrive at her apartment, she's there with a bunch of cop friends of Kralik's -- Jensen, Crane, and Foster -- who just happen to be from the Fugitive Apprehension Team. There's some predictable tension, especially when Elliot asks the other cops whether they were close with Kralik in the past, employing his usual finesse (that being naked suspicion). That gets them kicked out of the apartment by the three cop friends.

Leaving the apartment, Elliot bitches about Chester not trusting them, and Olivia reminds him that dumping Fin's phone wasn't exactly a trusting move on Elliot's part, and that he needs to make it right. Yeah, Elliot. Take Fin out for ice cream or something.

Back in the squad room, the gang is discussing how to tie one of the inhospitable cops to Kralik when Munch hears from the lab that the dead girl had Kralik's DNA under her fingernails. So there you go. Furthermore, the rape kit also had a semen sample from a second donor, although it was too degraded to identify. While they're still bummed about not being able to bust someone for that, Cragen comes in to report that Chester's hunkered down somewhere in an abandoned building.

Arriving on the scene, Olivia talks the acting SWAT lieutenant into let Fin go in and talk to his partner. He walks in and quickly finds a roughly bandaged Chester, who's got the drop on him. Cecilia is also there, wearing Chester's bulletproof vest that he must have had stashed somewhere. It's not exactly a joyful reunion, and Chester quickly realizes that he's holding a pretty shitty hand here. Even Cecilia is legally an accomplice rather than a hostage for bringing Chester the bandages that are currently dripping on the dusty floor. After Fin convinces Chester that they've followed Chester's trail and proved Kralik was guilty, Chester explains that he got a call from a guy named Jensen offering information on the Hernandez case, and then when Chester showed up at the meet, the bullets started flying. Cecilia volunteers that she can identify the face of the man who raped her. Resolved already? But it's so early in the hour.

Meanwhile, Munch is telling Cragen all about Kralik's other buddy Crane, who's had any number of complaints lodged against him. But since everyone recanted, he's still on the force, specifically the Fugitive Apprehension Team, Even more specifically, as we see, he's on the rooftop across from Chester's hideout with a sniper rifle, waiting for a shot. "Son of a bitch," Cragen breathes, as though he can see this. Fortunately, Elliot can, and he and Olivia sneak up behind Crane and take him into custody before he can fire.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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