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Just the Phax, Ma'am

September is the busy time of month for the SVU: kids returning home from summer camp confess abuse, drunken college students causeabuse. While painted frat boys hoot and holler at Olivia (much too classy to qualify as a "cougar," boys), the new ADA is trying to horn in on as many cases as she can, much to the irritation of Cragen (who figures she'll lose her enthusiasm before too long) and Stabler.

Fin and Munch are working a domestic abuse case with a couple who've been here before, but she refuses to testify against him and goes with the "I fell down the stairs" explanation and he, unaware of her misplaced loyalty, offers up the charming "she's a lying whore" refutation of rape. Elliot heads to the hospital to check out a three-year-old with a suspicious fracture, and Olivia catches what looks to be the major plot: a tearful teenager, Eric Byers, walks in, and says he doesn't know what to do. Olivia does her best to coax the story from him: he knows it's wrong, but he loves him. "It's getting hard not to touch," he says, and hands over a photograph of Corey: his stepbrother.

Eric says he hasn't actually done anything wrong; at least he doesn't think he has. (He's been drinking.) So Olivia heads off to talk to his mother, Dana, played by Teri Polo, who's understandably unnerved that a sexual-crimes detective is asking leading questions about her five-year-old stepson, and even more upset when Olivia says they think Eric's been abusing Corey.

Over to the hospital, where Corey's dad, played by Josh Charles, shows up in a rage. Sports Night reunion! Dan and Rebecca made it work! Well, except for the abused kid, I guess. He threatens to kill Eric, and is only somewhat mollified when the doctor says there are no signs of penetration or abuse -- but some abuse can go undetected.

So the detectives have to go bad cop/bad cop on Eric, who swears he's never done anything, and instead found a website for people like him run by a guy named Jake. Jake assured him that he was born that way, but the rule is "Look but don't touch."

Since the psychiatrist hasn't gotten anywhere with Corey, the detectives have to let Eric go. Even though he's asking for help, the only programs are for registered sex offenders. So the only way he can get help is if he actually rapes a kid first, which provides this episode's requisite "the whole freakin' system is out of order!" moment. So the detectives set their sights on Jake Berlin, who runs Pediaphax, a website that provides fully-clothed pictures of children to pedophiles under the "look but don't touch" rule.

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