Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Chester meets the boys outside the courthouse to tell them he talked to Dean Wormer, and they're back in school. "So that's the big surprise?" says Jadon. "No, I got another one," grins Chester.

Cut to Fin knocking on Janelle's door. Oh, god. Will there never be a happy ending on SVU? Ever? No answer from Janelle's apartment, but there's music playing. Fin walks in and looks through the place, and then he sees Janelle, sitting in a chair, dead. Arm tied off. He takes out his cellphone and dials.

Chester answers his ringing cellphone. "Hey, Fin. Where the hell are you? We've been waiting." A moment later, his smile vanishes. "I'll tell 'em," he says, with his back to the boys. He hangs up, and the boys want to know what the big surprise is. Chester pastes a smile back on. "I'm taking you guys to Red Lobster." Mother's death, Red Lobster? You tell me which is the greater tragedy.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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