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DNA on the baseball cap comes back with a match to a Jadon Odami, who has a sealed juvie record. But before they can do more than look at Odami's photo, and notice more than a passing resemblance to Brian "Smash" Williams on Friday Night Lights, the computer tech guy comes in with a file salvaged from Julie's cellphone's SIM card -- video of a keg party, time-stamped the night of the murder, with Julie grinding with one Jadon Odami, and some other guy. So: she did Kona, then turned up at the frat party, where she likely hooked up with her future killer. The detectives head over to Kappa Delta Alpha at good ol' Hudson University to ask a few questions.

Some helpful frat brother is cleaning the living room at the frat house. He leaves the bong on the mantel in full view of two police officers. He recognizes the picture of Jadon, who rushed the frat last semester. This despite, as Fin points out, the large Confederate flag hanging in the room. "We're very proud of our heritage," says this guy. I think it's safe to say Chester's grandfather didn't found this frat. Chester just wants to know why a black kid would want to pledge this fraternity anyway, and the frat guy says something about special-interest groups getting "the brothers" in. Fin bristles at "the brothers," but the frat guy means it literally -- Jadon and his brother Ezra. And the frat guy recognizes Julie from her picture, since the brothers were practically having sex with her on the dance floor -- he had told them to lay off, in fact. "Because she was white?" asks Fin. Frat guy says it was because she looked underage. Weak defense when her age didn't prevent you from having her at the kegger in the first place, guy. Speak of the devil -- here come Jadon and Ezra now, and the frat guy is all, "Dudes! That girl you hooked up with at the party turned up dead!" The brothers spot the cops and hightail it out the door. Well, Jadon goes out the door; Ezra heads out a window, climbs down a cable, and hops the fence. Both of them get away, with Chester's "running after them" technique and Fin's "standing there looking out the window" technique proving equally ineffective.

The crusty old Dean (let's call him Dean Wormer) is annoyed that cops are chasing students around campus, but he changes his tune when he finds out it was Jadon and Ezra, and even though those students represent "Hudson's commitment to diversity" he's going to expel them on the unproven allegations by these two cops. Nice. The detectives note, looking at the brothers' academic records, that they graduated high school at the top of their classes -- unfortunately, the address of said school is in prison.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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