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The detectives come back in to take Janelle, who tells Jadon that he can help out his mother. He agrees to tell the detectives about the murder if they let his mom go. Deal.

Only at the arraignment, Jadon's lawyer ignores the deal and pleads "not guilty" on his behalf, because of the coercion going on involving Jadon's mother. Jadon protests, and when the judge orders him to listen to his lawyer, he has the presence of mind to fire his lawyer on the spot, and then pleads guilty, allocution and everything, waiving any right to appeal down the road. He says he had sex with Julie, and then when walking home he tried to rape her, and when she resisted he grabbed her face to squeeze her mouth. "Something snapped and everything went red." The judge asks if the allocution is sufficient, and a brooding Casey says it is, even though I thought allocution needed to be a little more specific than "everything went red" when one is confessing to murder.

At the squad the next day, Fin and Chester stroll in, noting how early Elliot's there. "Someone's gotta close out the Julie Donovan murder," he says, telling Fin and Chester that he had a friend in family court sneak a peek at Jadon's juvie record. In all his crimes, Jadon had a partner: his brother Ezra. Seems like a possibility you'd think they'd have considered already. Regardless, now they have to find Ezra. Jadon's not likely to be any help, since if Ezra's involved, Jadon's already taking the rap for the two of them. So the detectives turn their attention the red baseball hats with the Gothic C on them. Fortunately, Chester's got a friend in the gang crimes unit (how many cases would SVU solve without their myriad friends in other departments?), so in a nice little irony, Ice-T needs to go get information on gangs from an older tubby white guy.

But the old tubby white guy is very helpful, saying the hats are part of the uniform of the Corner Hustlers, a very small, very well organized gang that's strictly "blood in, blood out." They control the Marcy Courts (which is where the brothers' mom lives) -- or at least they try to; they're in a turf war with the Latin Kings. "I bet the Kings wouldn't mind ratting out the competition," says Fin.

Nothing will ever prepare you for the sight of Fin and Chester lounging on a bench wearing the signature red baseball caps. They might as well be wearing their NYPD Softball Team uniforms, but of course a couple of Latin Kings show up to intimidate them. The detectives squeeze some info out of a King, who tells him the Corner Hustlers were formed by a guy named Jimmy Mack in prison, and Jimmy Mack is a psycho: he makes his crew rape young girls. "We don't need that kind of heat in Marcy, so Kings put a price on his head."

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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