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Back at the station, Cragen says "Jimmy Mack" is James McDonnell. Now, considering Chester's gangbanger expert friend had the exact same mugshot of McDonnell on his wall, this is all information they could have gotten from him instead of putting themselves in harm's way (not to mention looking ridiculous). Cragen rattles off all the violent crimes McDonnell has committed, adding that the guy will be going away for a long time on his next conviction. Chester theorizes that McDonnell ordered an initiation murder for Jadon and Ezra. Meantime, Fin's located McDonnell at Riker's Island, for jumping a turnstile near the park where Julie's body was found. He posted bail so he'll be dropped off at the Queensboro Plaza any moment, so the detectives spring into action.

From a safe distance, they watch McDonnell, wearing a red cap, get off the bus. As they swoop in to pick him up, they see McDonnell exchange some money for a little package with someone waiting for him. What they don't see is Ezra Odami striding across the street, gun in hand, until Ezra opens fire. He's a lousy shot, and Jimmy Mack takes off. Ezra drops his gun in the street and runs off in a different direction. Chester chases down Ezra, while Fin winds up on a roof in hot pursuit of Jimmy Mack, who launches himself off the roof, and right into the top of a garbage truck. And he can't get out. Making matters worse for him, is that the truck is starting its compacting cycle. Fin yells in vain at the truck driver, who's got headphones on. Cragen shows up, and doesn't even yell. Neither of them thinks to do anything like throwing a rock or a shoe to get the guy's attention. Maybe neither of them figured it'd be any big loss for Jimmy Mack to get crushed into a little cube and dropped off at the nearest landfill? The garbage truck folds inward on itself, Jimmy Mack's screams doing little to delay his impending death.

In the interrogation room, Ezra says he wasn't shooting at the cops -- just at Jimmy Mack. The boys joined the Corner Hustlers when they were prison, figuring since Jimmy Mack was from their neighbourhood, he'd look for them. And he did, but when the boys started doing well at Island Academy and then went to Hudson, J-Mac wanted them to sell drugs on campus. Jadon told Jimmy Mack to get lost, he freaked and said the only way the brothers were leaving the gang was in body bags. Chester sounds kind of impressed, thinking Ezra was going to kill J-Mac to get out of the gang. But Ezra says he did because J-Mac set his brother up for murder. "Then why was Julie's blood on your brother's baseball cap?" asks Fin. Ezra says she must have worn it home from the party. Fin facetiously says that if J-Mac's the real killer, then he guesses they'll let Jadon go, and Ezra proves stunningly unfamiliar with sarcasm. Then Chester lowers the boom: "Jadon confessed." Ezra looks stunned by this.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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