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In the squad room, Chester stares at the assembled info, while Cragen comes in to congratulate them on a job well done. Only now Chester thinks the boys didn't do it. "I swear I didn't see him smoking crack," Fin tells Cragen. Hee! Chester thinks the real killer was J-Mac. "One brother confessed and the other one tried to shoot you. What more do you want?" asks Cragen. But Chester figures the brothers had more to lose by killing the girl, and that J-Mac was a psychopath who had something to gain by setting up the brothers after they refused to sell drugs for him. Cragen's not hearing it though. "This case is closed."

Chester doesn't listen too well, does he? He's at his desk much later, with Elliot commenting on how late Chester's there (it's okay for Elliot, because it's some kind of court thing). He warns Chester not to get too obsessed with a case because he'll "lose more than sleep." I recognize Elliot's got a lot of expertise in this matter. Not as much expertise in the concept of practicing but he preaches, but still.

Anyway, they're over their little spat from before, and Chester reveals the not-exactly-a-surprise that Chester was raised in foster homes. Sufficiently guilted, Elliot offers to help Chester work on the case. "You want to risk the captain getting pissed at you?" asks Chester. "Wouldn't be the first time," says Elliot. Truer words.

What follows, instead of an awesome montage set to "Gonna Fly Now," is the usual late-episode detective work, involving them noticing some woman in the fraternity party video, notable mainly because she's about eleven months pregnant, and taking pictures of Julie. Jadon won't identify her. Ezra can't. Jadon wants to be left alone to do his time, since everybody his whole life has let him down. Or something like that. Chester launches into a long story about going from the foster system into the police academy, and then getting drunk with his cousin, and getting in a fight, and his cousin taking the rap for Chester so Chester wouldn't get kicked out of the academy. "He took the collar so I could have a shot," says Chester. Yeah, we got that. Thanks. "You did the same thing for your brother," he adds. Yeah, WE GOT THAT TOO. Jadon asks why, if that were true, he'd give his brother up now. "Because Ezra didn't do it. It was McDonnell, Jadon. He set you up," says Chester. Jadon demands to see Ezra.

The two brothers reunite, and then start yelling. Jadon says he's confessed to the murder, so he wants his brother out of there, with Ezra upset that Jadon thinks he murdered somebody. Defeated, Jadon admits he falsely confessed, and Ezra wants to know why. "Every time I passed that flag in the living room," begins Jadon. Oh, here we go. Anyway, he always wanted to punch the rich frat kids who bitched about their perfect lives, and figures maybe he should be in jail before he did something he regretted. Does the U.S. even have enough jails to imprison everyone who's ever wanted to punch a frat guy?

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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