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A woman walks fearfully down some steps in some park in the middle of the night. She looks around, after hearing something (or someone) rustling but doesn't see anyone. That's because he's right in front of her, covering her mouth with a gloved hand. He's also wearing a balaclava. She struggles as he rips open her shirt and pulls her panties down. She struggles a little too much, and out comes a knife. She's stabbed in the chest, and the attacker grabs her bag and runs off. She lies on the ground, breathing shallow. Time lapse shows her still lying there in the morning, and in the background, people go about their day.

Eventually, she's found, and Fin strolls up -- Chester's already there, as is M.E. Warner. Hmm. Maybe Chester and Warner were having "breakfast" this morning? The victim is Kate Simes, according to her library card, and she's a long way from home. The blood around her has completely dried, so Warner figures Kate's been there since around midnight, but rigor mortis indicates she only died a few hours ago. "She could have been saved," says Chester. He leans in to get a closer look, but Warner doesn't let him get too close, because of a disgusting giant lesion on her right arm. "What's that?" asks Fin. "It's a lesion," says Warner. Thanks, Warner. She doesn't know what it is, and will have to get back to them. See, this is why I carry a picture database of lesions on my iPod, just for moments like this.

Back at the lab, Warner pulls Simes' body out from the fridge so Kate's mom can identify her, with Elliot and Olivia looking on. Mrs. Simes confirms it, and then backs away, sobbing. The detectives quiz her but she's not of much use: doesn't have any idea what her daughter would be doing in the park that late at night, and doesn't know anything about any lesions. The recent picture she has for the detectives, though, is of a woman with long blond hair instead of the short black hair Kate's sporting now. "She said she wanted a change," says her mom, and Olivia asks if anyone, like an ex-boyfriend, had been giving her trouble. Mrs. Simes identifies a student, Jackie Solomon, at the girls' school where Kate was a college counselor, whose father threatened Kate, who then began receiving hang-up calls.

In the headmistress's office, Chester and Fin watch a video of an all-girl rock group. Think the Donnas, only crappy. And dressed in bikinis and hijabs, singing lyrics that go thusly: "Come on, Mr. Terrorist/Show me you're a man/Slap me around/like your good book says you can/Or maybe you're just too much of a ditz/Is that the real reason why you blow yourself to bits?" Then the girls rip off their hijabs. The blond one now freeze-framed is, I presume, Jackie Solomon. With more than a little irony, Ice-T calls the song offensive, and the headmistress tells him Kate Simes thought it was, but as headmistress, her opinion is more delicate. Translation: Jackie Solomon's daddy is a major donor. Jackie lost an aunt on 9/11, says the headmistress. "And that excuses this garbage?" says an indignant Ice-T. Nope, says the headmistress, which is why she didn't stop Kate from sending letters to the colleges Jackie's applying to.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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