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So Chester and Fin visit Jackie (played by someone closer to 30 than high school age) and her dad. Nice pair, these two. She has no problem calling her dead counselor a bitch and raging about her freedom of expression, while he tells his daughter to "shut up" and complains about the half-million he's spending to get his spoiled-brat daughter into the Ivy League. The dad's alibi is that he was at the New York Tolerance Centre he and his daughter had to attend after his daughter exercised her freedom of expression. Frankly, a songwriting workshop might have been more useful; I'm trying to think of any time it might be accurate to describe a suicide bomber as a "ditz."

Back at the ME's office, Warner tells Elliot and Olivia that Kate wasn't wrapped, but the lesion comes from leishmaniasis, a parasite carried by the female sand fly -- not from New York, but most likely from abroad. "In the past few years, the highest incidence has been in the Middle East. Trouble is, no one in Kate's life seems to know about any trip, so she must have kept it a secret.

With some swift and -- as Munch points out, having scoped out the highly effective security cameras at the Port Authority -- Orwellian detective work, plus the help of Elliot's friend in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Kate's determined to have flown to Turkey. Fortunately, for the detectives if not for civil rights, the Turkish authorities were only too happy to provide the video feed from the Big Brother cameras all across Turkey, apparently, including Diyarbakir, where the big difficulty in spotting Kate was her new, short, black 'do. "Could she have been hiding from someone?" asks Elliot. His FBI buddy says, "Maybe she was trying to fit in, like one of our agents." Olivia's confused, because Turkey's not on Warner's list of places you could possibly get leishmaniasis in. No, but then she crossed the border into Iraq, says FBI guy. Nice how he doles out the information in the most dramatic possible. He brings up another security photo. Hey, how's that bin Laden hunt coming along?

A confused Mrs. Simes looks through the photos of Kate at various checkpoints, saying when Kate was out of town, she'd said she was helping rebuild homes in New Orleans. Should be easy enough to break that alibi: just call up New Orleans and ask if all the houses are built yet. Mrs. Simes says Kate speaks Arabic, but doesn't think she was recruited by the government, since her volunteer work at the refugee clinic keeps her so busy.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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