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That would be a women's refugee centre, where Kate used her Arabic to translate for refugees seeking asylum. Olivia and Benson want to see Kate's files. "She kept them on her computer. There was a break-in two weeks ago and it was stolen," says the centre's director, who adds that Kate kept her flash drive in her bag. Elliot says they found Kate's bag, but there wasn't a flash drive in it. Olivia asks if anything unusual happened Monday, and the director says some guy called six or seven times looking to talk to her.

A dump of the phone records leads us to the apartment of Haroon Abbas. His wife answers the door and informs the detectives that Haroon died Monday night. "He was driving his cab. They say he had a heart attack." "Who's they?" asks Elliot. "My Haroon did not have a heart attack. He was murdered! By your government!" says Haroon's wife. Well, this should make the detectives' jobs easier.

Mrs. Abbas says she and Haroon were granted asylum because they helped the Americans during the first Gulf War, but then 9/11 happened, and Haroon was treated like a terrorist and tortured in an Iraqi prison camp. "He lost fifty pounds in that camp. They broke his body and crushed his soul. He was never the same." Some friends helped them get Haroon back to New York, but she doesn't recognize Kate in the detectives' picture. Haroon did seem nervous about having to meet someone Monday night. "They found him, and they killed him," says the grieving widow.

How? Well, that's for Warner to figure out. There aren't any scars on Haroon's body, but that's the point: inflicting pain without long-term physical or psychological damage. And all the signs point to Haroon being tortured military-style -- ice bath, stress positions, sleep deprivation. Fresh wrist marks, torn rotator cuffs, and signs of hypothermia. A phone call from Fin tells Olivia they found Haroon's cab, which had a business card for Dr. Kelly Alvin of the Mercy Hospital Clinic for Torture Survivors, which is where we'll get a whole host of answers.

A video shows Haroon, using Kate as his translator, telling his story. The director tells Elliot and Olivia that Kate came recommended from the Women's Refugee Coalition, and that Haroon was the first person she'd worked with. His horrific story of questioning and treatment galvanized Kate, who urged Haroon to keep a journal, and to go public with his story. She even talked about flying to Baghdad to verify his story. She'd been typing the journal on her computer, which explains the break-in. Olivia asks if Haroon mentioned anyone who might have wanted him to keep quiet. Yep, says the doctor, playing more of the tape: an emotional Haroon explaining (through Kate) that he saw his torturer at a diner.

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