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There are, according to Elliot, three hundred diners on the West Side. Luckily, Chester happens to know which ethnic groups congregate at which diner, which reduces the potential canvassing to eight or nine places.

Chester's the one who strikes pay dirt, with a diner owner who recognizes the photo of Haroon, saying he's a cabbie who used to come in all the time. "Then one morning, I look over, he's white as a sheet." He was staring at a couple, and then puked all over the place. The woman he was staring at said she was a doctor and tried to help, but her husband wouldn't let her. And then Haroon took off.

Elliot and Olivia catch a bite to eat while Chester sifts through the credit card receipts. Make the new guy do all the work, huh? Elliot's skeptical that this supposed torturer killed two people to cover up his use of stress positions in Iraq, but he might get a chance to find out: Chester's found a receipt for a doctor, Faith Sutton.

So it's over to Saint Bernadette's Hospital, where special guest star Elizabeth McGovern is waaaaay too breezy with detectives from the Special Victims Unit to not be suspicious, and confirms she was there when Haroon chundered all over the place. But the man with her wasn't her husband but an old army buddy, George Tomforde, who was in that morning from Jersey.

A member of New Jersey's finest and an acquaintance of Tomforde's takes Elliot and Olivia to Tomforde's front door, which is ajar, and they enter a completely empty house. Despite the cop's puzzled "what the hell?" Elliot still feels it necessary to ask if Tomforde said anything about moving. No, he did not.

George Tomforde: special forces. Served in Desert Storm. Likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Currently working for a mercenary outfit called Helios, which is totally not Blackwater, which you can tell because it has a different name and everything, and is based in London. So we're thinking Tomforde worked Abbas over, found out about the book, which would be really detrimental to Helios and its half-a-billion dollars' worth of business in Iraq. Tomforde pushes too hard, Abbas dies, Simes is killed as part of the cover-up, and now Helios has whisked Tomforde out of the country.

A trip to Helios's convenient New York office produces Tomforde's file, which the Helios guy is reluctant to hand over, citing national security, but does so, apparently realizing that if his company's position is to be that Tomforde was an aberration, they can't be blocking the investigation.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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