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Casey and Sophie get called to the Kastner Center for Juvenile Offenders, where Shane is being wheeled down the hall, bloodied and beaten, on a gurney. He says he was jumped in the hallway and pushed into his room, where he was raped. "How could you let them do this to me?" he wails as he's taken into the elevator.

The centre administrator leads Sophie and Casey down to Shane's room, where Casey is dismayed to find is already being cleaned by the janitorial staff. She kicks them out of the room and takes it out on the administrator, and demands to have all of the security tapes handed over. He tells her (naturally) that the camera system has been down for months, and corporate won't pay to get it fixed. Casey wants to know how then they're supposed to catch the perv who did it, and administrator protests, "Take your pick -- I've got fifty hard-core sex offenders locked up here. Casey shoots back that she'll interview them all, and she orders the guy to post a guard.

"I want whoever did this to burn," says Sophie. Well, unless they couldn't help it, right? That's my reaction, and Casey's too. Sophie snaps, "Don't you dare put this mess on me!" Well, but seriously. "I did my job. Do yours," she says.

Seems to me Casey's job involves calling in the detectives, but instead she starts interviewing the other juveniles, who tell tales of sex happening between inmates, between guards. And Shane's not the first kid who got raped. Casey talks to one who did (hilariously, that is to say, "solemnly," telling the kid, "No one has the right to touch you"). The kid fingers a guard named Pete. Note to self: find a better choice of words than "the kid fingers a guard."

Casey learns from the administrator that Pete Lincoln is a former cop from Florida who shouldn't have even been on shift, and is the first person he'd rule out as a suspect. Not in the mood, Casey wonders who this guy wouldn't rule out as a suspect, and when the administrator says he doesn't like her tone, she grabs him by the lapel and pushes him against the wall, and accusing him of protecting criminals. Oh, look who finally showed up! It's Elliot and Olivia, who show up to pull Casey off the administrator. Casey doesn't go quietly with Olivia, and instead yells to make sure to get all the personnel files. Elliot gives the administrator a "bitch crazy" face.

"He ordered his men to clean up the crime scene," Casey snaps at Olivia. "That's my problem, not yours," says Olivia, because it's not like a prosecutor wants to make sure there's enough evidence to lock a person up or anything. Olivia tells her that grabbing the guy's shirt is assault, which she just witnessed. She tells Casey that she's drowning, and blah blah blah "lifejacket," and Casey says, "I'm a big girl. I can swim."

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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