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Casey goes to the hospital to stare at Shane and his parents, because blaming herself all alone in her apartment wouldn't be as dramatic. Elliot shows up to tell her not to blame herself, but she's too full of guilt, and takes the whole justice system down with her, what with its inability to make sure juvenile sex-offender facilities aren't hellholes. Good news: Elliot talked the centre's administrator into not pressing charges. What Elliot doesn't say is he that roughs up suspects (and victims) pretty much daily, and Casey's got a long way to go before Elliot will even consider something like this "assault." The good news, says Elliot, is they got DNA, from Shane, of his attacker. The bad news: they can't test everyone without probable cause, so they'll start with the ones with criminal records. Yeah, good idea. How about you start with guard who was accused of raping someone else?

Oh, okay, they do. He's got no criminal record. And why did he come all the way up here for a minimum wage job?

On an unrelated note, Cragen strolls in to say the DNA matched a guy named "Earl Romaine" who once raped a thirteen-year-old. But Earl Romaine's not on the list of employees, points out Elliot. A little more digging reveals that Pete Lincoln never actually left Florida; the guy in the Kastner Center ID card photo must be Earl Romaine!

Let's hope so, for the detectives' sakes, because the detectives take him out with Elliot smacking him in the face with some wood after Earl flees. (Fortunately, Elliot knew just which alley this guy would run down, and is sitting there waiting.)

Did the writers run out of time for this episode? The next few moments are a montage of scenes while we get voiceover from Casey: Earl Romaine stole the ID so he could get a job in a place where he'd have unlimited boys to rape. He's a registered sex offender ("I'm serious, Dude. He's a pederast") in Florida, which Kastner would have known if Kastner had bothered to do the proper background check. Well, they won't be making that mistake any time soon; Kaster's getting shut down, and the clients are being moved to juvenile detention, and criminal charges are being considered, especially for the guards who knew about the rapes but did nothing.

In the hospital, Casey tells Shane and his family that he's being released on probation, and will have to complete his treatment, but this time on out-patient status.

Any more loose ends to tie up? Well, Sarah and her husband are waiting for Casey at the police station to find out if it's true Shane was the one who was raped. Sarah starts to cry when it's confirmed. And in case we were getting the impression that the firefighter was going to be more compassionate, he's more upset about Shane getting a million dollars while Sarah gets nothing. "How crazy is the law?" he says. That's a theme this show really needs to consider exploring, you know? I don't think we know that by now.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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