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A couple of jerks and a tinfoil swan stroll along the Hudson River proving how much they love each other by fighting like cats and dogs. As you do. Apparently he's got a case of the wandering eye, and she's a big, fat lush. Natch, the guy thinks, What better time to propose? He does, and she drops her tinfoil swan as an expression of abject horror crosses her face. It's not what you think, though. She's horrified by a corpse floating in the water below.

Benson & Stabler arrive. Warner briefs them that the vic is a female in her 30s with neck bruises that imply strangulation, mutilated genitals consistent with cutting or biting, and -- look, Ma! -- no hands. Elliot spots flashes of light from a nearby rooftop, and they suspect that it's the perp trying to catch their attention.

A woman screams as they hurry up the building's stairwell. Once on the rooftop, they see a young guy attacking a young Arab woman. They take him down, but then another guy appears behind them with an unidentifiable object in his hand. Elliot orders him to drop it, and it's a camcorder. He explains they're making a movie. Dun-dun. Credits.

Downtown, the woman and men are interrogated in separate rooms. They maintain their filmmaking excuse. Elliot thinks they guys nabbed the girl from the street to film amateur torture porn -- he even throws in a reference to "Martin Scor-sleazy," our eloquent Elliot. They learn the girl isn't even Arab. She's Dominican -- but boy can she ululate! B&S are disgusted that these people shamelessly produce sado-porn, but the filmmakers say that sex is inherently dangerous. "Not if you're doin' it right," touch├ęs Elliot. They go back and forth about the merits of kinky over conscience, and finally Elliot lowers the boom. While these jagoffs were making rape art, someone was raping and murdering a real woman nearby. They recall a creepy guy in a cab lingering by their shoot, and they have footage of his medallion number, 2X89.

So off to Staten Island B&S go. They tracked the medallion number to one Edward De Pablo. They catch him mid-carwash, and order him to cease and desist, lest he destroy any evidence. His wife vouches that he was "on his fat ass" all weekend. The cabbie insists he's the only one who drives this particular cab, and Olivia makes a closer inspection, noticing this cab has a rusty fender that the cab from the video didn't. They surmise someone has been using the same cab number. [...Also, that there's no way this fat, old guy could possibly be their perp. - Zach]

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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