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Benson interviews the kid and his dad. She seems to have a really good rapport with kids when she manages to get out from behind that lipstick. "So, Jonathan, is Mr. Holt a good teacher?" "Yeah," says Jonathan, who says that Holt never touched him except to put his hand on his back for posture. "Look, that teacher's like that with all of his students," explains the dad, though he admits to Benson that he works late and can't be at the lessons. "So who are his students?" Benson asks the dad, who says they're mostly kids from the neighborhood. "Boys and girls?" she asks. "Girls, yuck!" says Jonathan. When Benson asks Jonathan about the pictures, he says that Holt has lots of them. "He calls them snappies," he says. "Snappies?" says Benson. "Did he ever show you these snappies?" Jonathan leans in like he's telling a secret. "No, I found them . . . I turned a page on the music stand, and a whole bunch of snappies fell out." "Are they like the snappies he took of you?" Benson asks him. "No. Those boys in the snappies didn't have any clothes on," says Jonathan. Jonathan's dad looks up as he finally catches his snap from the snappies.

Stabler and Cragen and ADA Hickey Mark are watching the interview through the two-way mirror, and they figure out that they've got to get their ass in gear on the warrant. "If we don't get into that house tonight, someone else will," says Stabler. Wonder Twins, activate! Form of: a metallic clanking noise! Chung-chung!

. . . which transports Stabler and ADA Hickey Mark to Judge Rothman's house, where they crash her dinner party so she can sign a warrant to search Holt's house. Stabler tells her to add videotapes and video equipment and film to the list that already includes photos and photographic equipment and books and magazines, all of which will probably contain horrifyingly graphic images of sick unspeakable abuse inflicted on countless victims; oh yeah, and enjoy your dinner, Judge Rothman! What are you serving, a soufflé? "It's three till nine," says ADA Hickey Mark. Judge Rothman signs the papers. "You've got your warrant," she says . . .

. . . and they phone in the news to Benson, who is outside Holt's building with Munch and Jeffries and a bunch of uniformed cops. "We got it! Open it up," she calls to the cops, and they go in. "It's quiet in here," Benson notes. Cue the keening violins going "eeeeeeeeeeeeee . . ." as they play the Unsettling Feeling theme. "What is this place?" asks Jeffries. Eeeeeeeey-yeeeeeeeee. "The lesson room," says Munch, as they walk into a room all done up like Magical Mystical Musical Piano Land, with clouds and colorful pianos painted on the wall, and stuffed animals and toys neatly arranged all over the place. Getting dry-humped by Barney the Dinosaur would be less creepy than hanging out in this room. Benson opens a chest and finds a book of . . . finger exercises. Uh, yeah. Then, underneath she finds a photo album filled with "snappies" of little boys taking off their clothes. Munch goes over to an inconspicuous-looking door, shakes the knob, and shoves it open to reveal a den with a TV/VCR, its screen glowing a diabolical blue. Munch plays a little bit of the tape in the machine. Piano music plays and then falters, then a boy's voice says, "Please don't." Man's voice: "It's okay." Boy: "No, that hurts." Munch and Benson and Jeffries look disgusted. Munch walks over to one bookcase lined with dozens of tapes, Benson goes to another, and they exchange weary looks.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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