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At Holt's arraignment, his lawyer makes some snotty remark about how there's intense political pressure to punish child abusers. "Somehow it never seems enough," says Judge Beck, who's very familiar with the logic of these sex laws. ADA Hickey Mark tells Beck that at last count they'd found 157 tapes. Judge Beck is disgusted and denies bail. Holt has no response. Nothing cracks that paraffin exterior.

Back at the station, the SVU is watching Holt's home videos, starting with the tape that Munch found in the VCR. It shows a little kid, about six years old, sitting down at the piano bench with Holt. "This goes back thirteen years," says Munch. The boy begins playing a simple tune and Holt reaches down underneath the keyboard. "Please don't," says the kid. Jeffries looks creeped out. Stabler looks creeped out. Cragen looks befuddled and creeped out. Next on the tape is a lesson with an older kid who begins playing "Für Elise," which makes us all think of Schroeder on those Peanuts specials. Which makes us really depressed now. The kid on the tape grins and breaks from playing "Für Elise" into a funky blues song. "You scamp!" laughs Holt, who grabs the kid and hugs him. "What is this, Holt's greatest hits?" mutters Munch. "How many kids are there?" asks Benson. The next segment of the video shows a mature teenage boy playing a moody classical piece while Holt listens on, enraptured. The boy finishes the piece and Holt stands up next to him. "Please -- don't," says the boy. "You have so much talent," says Holt, who blathers some crap about technique and discipline. The boy looks uncomfortable. "Not now . . . not again . . ." Stabler leans in to get a closer look at the screen. "That's not a different kid." "It's the same person," Jeffries realizes. "Grown up," says Cragen. Last on the tape we see a young man giving a virtuoso performance while Holt stands nearby, appreciating the music with little robotic motions. "That was very good," says Holt when the young man finishes. "I felt your passion." "Thank you," says the young man, who stands up and bows stiffly while Holt applauds.

Stabler pauses the tape. ADA Hickey Mark comes in. Everyone is bummed. "There's a lot more to go through," says ADA Hickey. Cragen sighs. "There could be fifty, maybe a hundred more kids . . ." Everyone sighs and shuffles their feet. "I'll do it," says Munch. Cragen tells everyone that Holt's been arraigned on possession of indecent materials and promoting the indecency of a minor, but they've got to go back and get his computer and his date planner to get more evidence of other crimes. "Wait a minute," asks Stabler. "What about abuse?" ADA Hickey Mark explains that to press abuse charges "we need a complainant. An actual kid." "We need that kid," says Cragen, pointing at the image of the young man frozen on the TV screen.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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