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The squad discusses the case. Holt doesn't have a computer or any other kinds of evidence of abuse. Jeffries says the other neighborhood kids aren't talking. ADA Hickey Mark says that they've started indicting Holt for his abusing Evan. "How many counts?" asks Cragen. "Just two," says ADA Hickey. "What?" says Jeffries, incredulous. Hickey explains that they can only go back five years, and although the law was changed in '96, they can't prosecute anything that happened before then. Goddammit, isn't there supposed to be a warranty for that childhood innocence? Any sexual activity before '96 can't be admitted, anything after Evan's seventeenth birthday is considered consensual, so it turns out they have to base the charges on only one year of abuse. "And we may not have even that," says Stabler, who says that Evan is afraid of betraying Holt. "So, talk to the other kids Evan knew," says Cragen.

Benson talks to Ricky the Junkie, who tells her that Holt never did anything to him; mostly, though, he shivers and rocks back and forth and sucks on a cigarette butt and in general puts on a truly junk-tastic performance. Benson tries to get him to come in someplace warm. "Holt's house was warm," he says. "Door was always unlocked. You could go inside, get warm, eat a meal . . . a sugar cookie." Shiver, shiver. "Miss that part," he says. Okay, we get it: he turned to smack to try and get that sugar-cookie feeling back. He scurries off to see if he can score some crank or some Nilla wafer.

Meanwhile Jeffries stops by the classy digs of Ray Guzimano. A chung-chung! clanks like a seriously out-of-tune piano, apparently offending Guzimano's sensibilities so much he refuses to testify against Holt.

Elsewhere, Stabler strikes out with Holt's son. "Why won't you talk to me?" asks Stabler. "Because he's my father," says Holt's son. Door slams. Closed Captioning notes, "[Bolt locks]." Heh. Closed Captioning knows how to stick it to ya with the details.

At the cop shop, Munch is slumped face-down on his desk while static snow plays on the TV/VCR. Dude, I know how he feels. ["Mmmmnpsfffblt." -- Sars] "You still here?" asks Cragen. Munch lifts his head: "Yeah." Cragen asks if he can sleep. "When I close my eyes I see those tapes, every frame," says Munch. It must be like when I close my eyes and I see Dawnie, and Sam, and Jesse's freakish up-dos. But, look, I'm not ready to talk about it yet, okay? "Go home, John," Cragen tells him. Munch snorts: "Back to dead people. Back to Homicide. It's much more clear cut, simple." And CANCELLED. "Back to photographs," says Cragen, "bodies bent, broken." Munch: "Bodies that don't talk back at you, look at you." Cragen pointed out that Munch retired in Baltimore but a few months later found himself with the SVU. "This time I'll do a better job of quitting," says Munch. "Oh yeah, running's good," quips Cragen. Munch sighs, "I don't need this." Uh, yeah you do, because The Beat just got cancelled, too, pal. "Go home," says Cragen. "Take care of yourself." Munch sighs again. "I got two more tapes to watch."

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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