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Meanwhile, the investigation cost is skyrocketing as Ryan is now in a darkroom developing prints of charred receipts and documents through some sort of magical process, and has found what looks like a prenup.

Olivia and Elliot go after Pierson and P.J. respectively, with Pierson expressing surprise that P.J. was giving Jenna $10,000 a month, and P.J. saying Jenna wasn't pressuring him to get married, and went ballistic when he showed her the prenup. Olivia suggests Pierson was worried about Jenna getting her hands on the family money, and told P.J. to handle it. P.J. admits that he and Jenna fought, and he just wanted to get away, so he went to a family house in Aruba. He says he didn't know what happened to Jenna. "I wouldn't kill Jenna. I loved her." In bustles P.J.'s lawyer, who greets him with a hug. Well, they're old college friends, so there's nothing untoward going on, right? Of course not.

Casey tells Cragen that the lawyer, Avery Hemmings, usually handles SEC violations in federal court. Cragen says she's in over her head on this one, since P.J.'s DNA matches the semen and the fetus. Warner pops by all, "My bad! I jumped the gun on that!" Turns out the DNA matches the semen, not the fetus. Ah, shocking incompetence for the sole purpose of providing a plot twist.

So who's the father? Well, given the only other male character in this episode apart from the detectives is Pierson, and Pierson is Reverend Motherfucking Camden, take a wild guess.

The detectives stroll out into the squad room, where Avery is conferring with the Bartletts. "Congratulations, P.J. You were going to be a big brother," says Olivia. "If this is some kind of trick..." snaps Avery, all overacting. Elliot says the DNA proves it: "Big Pierson here's the baby daddy." "You screwed my fiancé, you son of a bitch?" says P.J. Pierson goes for the "hey, she was drunk, she came on to me" routine, which earns him a punch in the jaw, and he and his son mix it up, with Pierson père shoving his son's head through a door's glass window. Just like Christmas holidays at my house!

Over at the hospital, Avery chews out a nonchalant Casey because of their little stunt baiting the Bartletts. (Wasn't Baiting the Bartletts a celebrated documentary at Sundance not too long ago?) She also says the word "shenanigans," which pleases me. Pierson, sporting a shiner, tells Avery he wants to apologize to P.J., but Avery says he doesn't want to talk to his dad, and Pierson wants her to convince him. Pierson says to Casey and Olivia that he and his son have his differences (Well, I suppose, if "in favour of plowing my son's fiancée/not in favour of Dad plowing my fiancée" counts as a "difference") but P.J.'s not a killer.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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