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Elliot, meanwhile, says he knows who paid Roger. He pulls a framed photograph off the wall, or Roger Fromm with Pierson Bartlett. Olivia looks stunned, but ... I mean, wasn't that what they figured?

"I didn't bribe anyone!" says Pierson, who admits that Fromm was his vice-president of security but was fired four years ago because he couldn't keep his mouth off the business end of a bottle. Pierson's lawyer asks if Fromm's prepared to testify against Pierson, obviously knowing full well Casey doesn't have Fromm, and he and Pierson get up to leave. Casey musters up a halfhearted "we're not finished!" but yeah, yeah they are.

Back at the station, Olivia's showing off a bunch of photos recovered from Fromm's hard drive, which was erased but not scrubbed, or something. Whatever, they've got photos of P.J. canoodling with many different women, most of whom aren't Jenna. Turns out Fromm had been keeping tabs on P.J. for years. Casey wants the detectives to talk to P.J., this time as a special victim (of "stalking").

P.J., who, as it turns out would rather be an artist than a coffee trader, says his dad is a control freak and "has to be the boss of everyone and everything." And it turns out this isn't the first time he'd slept with one of P.J.'s girlfriends, since everything had to be a competition with the old man. Still, though, they weren't in a conspiracy to murder Jenna. "He killed her because, because he was jealous," he says. Elliot asks if Pierson bribed the juror because he didn't want P.J. to go to prison for something he didn't do. "He bribed that juror to save his own ass, not mine, and I hope he rots in hell," says P.J. Olivia asks him if his father has a set of the surveillance prints (which would tie him to Roger Fromm).

And so, in Pierson's office, Ryan fires up a blowtorch and is all set to go to work on a giant wall safe, over Pierson's objections, when Avery strolls in just in time with an injunction invalidating the detectives' search warrant, saying the judge saw through their charade of interviewing P.J. as a victim, not a perp.

Strolling back to the squad room, Casey says Avery doesn't know what she's talking about, but reversing the junction will likely be pointless, since by then Pierson will have gotten rid of anything incriminating in the safe. Casey's confident it doesn't matter, though, since they now have the son rolling over on the father.

Only in the squad room, the elder Bartlett has shown up, and is apparently rolling over on his son. "What a mess," whines Casey, saying first they couldn't get either one to talk, but now they're flipping on each other. "I'm never going to get a conviction," she says. Elliot grouses that it's no big deal, because if Jenna were alive they'd be charging her with blackmail. He calls her a hustler. Olivia rolls hers eyes and says hustlers deserve justice too.

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