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But Jesse's viability as a suspect takes more hits back at the squad room, where Chester and Fin reveal that the cable she was tied with likely came from an area where some cable was stolen (makes sense; why use ordinary, freely available rope on your victims, when you can riskily cut cable from outside a building?) and probably went into the river there, and then they show off some East River Sim video game that shows where the victim likely went into the water, far upstream from where she was found. And if the victim did go into the water where she was found, then Jesse's not the guy, as he was passed in front of a bodega.

Benson and Stabler head over to Warner's House of 1,000 Corpses, where she tells them the victim was killed with something made of wood. Rough-hewn oak, from a construction site or home remodeling. Oh, and the genital scarring is from an improperly performed female circumcision. "She was mutilated?" says Olivia. Haven't we seen this plotline before? Or does it not count when it was on one of the other L&Os? "Along with 150 million other women in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia," says Warner. She and Olivia trade some pamphlet facts about female circumcision. Setting aside the 150 million other women, the detectives decide to focus on this one particular victim. Olivia asks Elliot if he's still friends with "Agent Williams from Immigration." Elliot nods and oddly says, "Good, mm-hmmm."

Ah. It all becomes clear, as the gorgeous Agent Williams flirts with Elliot, saying he didn't need to come all the way down there to get the fingerprints run. Elliot says they're in a bit of a hurry, since the body's fresh. Speaking of fresh, Agent Williams presses on: "Surprised I haven't heard from you," she says, coyly. Elliot sucks on his teeth and comes right out with it: "I got back together with my wife." Williams doesn't miss a beat. "Oh, good for you! Thought that might happen." A bemused Olivia takes it all in.

Fortunately, to save everyone from further embarrassment, the computer spits out the name of Nikkiel Kwambe from Nigeria. She's 15, here on a family visa that expired six months ago. The only address they have for her is that of her sponsor, her aunt, Mira Otume.

It's a store called Nigerian Crafts on 124th street. There's loud African music blaring as the woman behind the counter says Mira Otume is going to be busy for the next couple of hours. The detectives insist on having the music turned down. Hey, if it's too loud, you're too old! When the music's shut off, the sound of nearby shouting draws them into the basement, where a screaming woman is being held down on a table, surrounded by six or eight other women, one of whom is holding a scalpel. Elliot and Olivia break it up, and arrest Dr. Giggles.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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