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Over at Savior Christian Cemetery, Sarah tells the detectives Chukwei's marriage to Nikkiel was arranged over the phone. Elliot says that doesn't sound very romantic. Christians in Nikkiel's village had come under attack, and her sisters had been raped and murdered. Elliot manages to not point out how non-romantic that is.

The detectives, who fortunately dressed in black today, understandably get a frosty reception from Chukwei. Sarah calms him by telling him the detectives want to find who killed Nikkiel. "So you want evidence on D-King. Look right over there," says Chukwei. The detectives see five guys hanging around a nearby grave. Their mood is somewhat less solemn than over at Nikkiel's funeral.

D-King's one of the guys, so Olivia and Elliot head over to talk to him at the grave of a Reggie Tauzin. He says he's there to pay his respects, but the detectives arrest him anyway for intimidating a witness.

Steven Weber is still available to play defence attorney Matthew Braden. His claims that D-King was only there to pray at the grave of a friend killed by cops fall on Elliot's deaf ears. Then Gloria Reuben walks in, her foot in a cast or some kind of protective boot for some reason, and Braden starts acting like an embarrassed first-year university student in the cafeteria when his drunken Frosh Week hookup walks in. "Christine. It's always a pleasure to see you," he says. At least he stands up; Elliot can't be arsed. She introduces herself to him as ADA Danielson, homicide bureau chief. She's trying King's murder case. Braden's all, "No evidence, so sayonara," but Christine says they're holding him because he didn't stay far enough away from Chukwei. D-King seems unperturbed. "Nice booty," he tells Christine. Or possibly "bootie." Christine is unfazed: "Watch it kick your ass."

The ass-kicking begins with a bail hearing, in which Christine easily bests Braden and gets a bail of $500,000 set on D-King, who smirks and winks at Chukwei on his way out of court. Afterwards, Chukwei's worried because D-King has "more money than God" and fears for his safety if D-King gets back on the street.

Outside the courthouse, Chukwei has his fears confirmed: a gaggle of anti-snitchers have convened on the steps, just standing there, listening to music. It's kind of like that famous scene in The Birds, only with hip-hop music playing. Elliot and Olivia come riding to Chukwei's rescue, telling him he's going to be in protective custody until the trial. He wants to know about Amani, Sarah and the children, and after Elliot says the protective custody is only for his immediate family, Chukwei says Sarah and Amani are his wives too. After Elliot so patronizingly explained what an immediate family is, Chukwei might want to return the favour and define "polygamy," since, judging from the looks on their faces, neither detective has heard of it.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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