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Outside, he and Olivia debate the merits of charging Chukwei with perjury, but Elliot gets distracted by giving Braden a good ol' "How do you sleep?" Braden ridiculously tries to equate King's intimidation with police threatening criminal charges against people who refuse to testify. Oh, as for how he'll be sleeping? With a bellyful of Cristal, thanks to D-King. Fortunately, it's not over yet; the judge granted a continuance of King's bail, and they have 24 hours to prove intimidation.

So they check out the death threat. Forensics guy has compared the paper the death threat came on to papers from King's printers, copiers, etc., and the roller marks don't match on any of them. So he tried a couple of other samples, and found a match -- from the printer in Chukwei's home office. Since Chukwei was in protective custody at the time and this is too sophisticated for a kid, looks like either Amani or Sarah printed it, most likely to force the police to provide them with more protection. O'Halloran's phone rings. He answers, and passes the message on to the detectives that Amani triggered her safety pendant. Why did SVU call O'Halloran instead one of the detectives directly?

Anyway, arriving at the scene, Elliot and Olivia find one lone forensics tech gathering fibres. Amani was unconscious when patrol showed up, and Sarah's at Rikers with Chukwei. No sign of forced entry. Olivia says Amani may have printed the death threat, but she sure didn't beat herself unconscious. Maybe King or one of his crew followed her inside? As luck would have it, King and a crowd are hanging around outside, across the street.

The detectives stroll out to chat with King, who smugly points out that he's the required distance away from the house. "If just one of you steps up, King's done," says Olivia, like that's going to work. Her cellphone rings, so she leaves Elliot and King to their machismo-off. "I think they're afraid of you, detective. That's why you got no witnesses," says King. "Yeah, we do," says Olivia, getting off the phone, smirking at King, who suddenly looks worried.

At Saint Bernadette's Hospital, Amani spills it. She didn't write the death threat. Sarah did. And she killed Nikkiel too, after an argument over Chukwei. After Nikkiel took a tumble down the stairs, Sarah took her, ostensibly to the hospital, but returned without Nikkiel and with a threat to Amani to keep her mouth shut for fear of deportation. And now that the police are holding Chukwei again, Amani told Sarah she wouldn't let him go to prison over something Sarah did, which is the point when Sarah beat her up.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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